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Canadian Township Achieves Enhanced, Cost-Effective Communication with Easy Office Phone's Hosted PBX Service

January 15, 2013

North Glengarry, a quaint township located in the eastern fringes of Ontario, now has something to boast about beyond its scenic beauty and peaceful, rural ambience – its recently implemented telephone service.

The hosted PBX service, provided by Easy Office Phone, has reportedly integrated the township's municipal centers and staff.

This improved coordination is expected to translate into the best possible service for the township’s more than 10,600 residents.

And that’s not all. Apart from achieving enhanced collaboration among the mobile staff, the new phone service gave the township significant cost savings of approximately 80 percent over the traditional landline services. 

The township plans to utilize this extra money for several municipal improvements. 

Under the terms of contract with the Township of North Glengarry, Easy Office has provided a sophisticated Hosted PBX service to the Township's multiple locations, including municipal offices, fire stations and recreational areas.

The new phone service has successfully unified the staff and the dispersed administration groups.

It all started with the township’s quest for a unified communication system that would improve cost efficiencies across its 17 municipal offices and service locations. An initiative was launched by Rick Elderbroom, GIS/IT Manager, with an aim to unify communications across several centers.

A hunt followed and the township decided to put Easy Office Phone to a rigorous test.

A pilot program was launched under the leadership of Elderbroom, and Easy Office Phone staff took part in a "stress test" for the Easy Office hosted PBX service. Finally, after a detailed examination, Easy Office Phone's service, which employs Tier-3 data centers and premium transit links, was given the go-ahead.

Soon, the township proceeded with the implementation process. Working hand in hand, the staff from Easy Office Phone and the staff from North Glengarry soon completed the phased deployment of the new phone service.

The township now boasts a phone service that is seamlessly integrated across all end points, resulting in increased efficiency for township workers. The mobile staff can now easily answer and make calls, even when stationed at remote locations.

Previously, the township was using traditional landline service, requiring all of the township's locations to pay individually for phone, fax and Internet services. The new tightly integrated phone service treats the township's multiple locations as belonging to a single campus, and facilitates direct-dialing between employee extensions, does away with all the extra costs associated with the old system, and gives the township a straight 80 percent saving over the traditional landline services.

Also, Easy Office Phone's service allows the township staff working from mobile phones to easily answer and make calls through Easy Office Phone's Web interface. All these have enabled the township to simplify its administrative operations across all offices.

“We started this process looking for improvements to cost efficiencies, and Easy Office Phone has certainly delivered. That said, the solution brings additional value to the table that goes well beyond savings. Our communications are now seamlessly integrated across locations, which has meant major improvements to the speed and efficiency with which we conduct township business,” Elderbroom explained in a statement.

Last year, Easy Office Phone facilitated integration between its Hosted PBX business phone service and popular CRM software packages such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Sugar CRM. 

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Edited by Braden Becker

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