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TMCnet Unified Communications Week in Review

January 05, 2013

Recently, there has been an array of innovative solutions introduced in the unified communications (UC) and video conferencing space. By businesses accepting the changes that the BYOD trend has caused in the workplace, (thanks to UC), a wall of mobility problems has come to surface. And, on the other sphere of the technology world, video conferencing has solved the problem of being in two places at once.

UC is beneficial to end users and administrators in terms of work productivity, accessibility, concentration and costs. With so many technology savvy services at hand and endless ways to communicate, UC makes it easy for everyone by combining all communication devices under one roof. E-mail, voicemail, desk phones, mobile phones, soft phones, fax, IM and call recording capabilities can all be unified and operated simultaneously with UC.  All these devices can work together, whether you are in the office or on the go, everything is fully functional.

The amount of devices that the average person usually has in their home makes sense economically for industries and businesses to welcome BYOD. The situation is a win-win for, as it reduces the cost of buying products (which essentially will impact other areas of finance) and allows employees to utilize their own personal tools that they have become accustomed to.

But, with ever new discovery there is a bump in the road. There is a developing issue in the area of UC about how each individual device will be used, depending on the end user, creating a need for some changes.

There is now a necessity to strategically plan how to transform premise-based software and hardware to more “virtual” hosted services in private and public clouds.  On top of this transition to a mobile platform, there will be new responsibilities for managing, supporting and expanding applications. Basically, allowing applications to be fully functionally no matter what software the end user is operating from.

Nuvixa has changed its name to Personify Live, and although this doesn’t transform the technology realm as much as UC, it portrays the aesthetic appeal and philosophy of the company more accurately. As Personify Live revolutionizes your presentations by removing you from your surroundings and placing you into the video, it creates an eye-catching appearance. And if being in two places at once hasn’t yet to amaze you, the new services that videoconferencing has provided for the legal system should get your attention.

In India the District Court complex has been using videoconferencing as way to conduct hearings as the person accused is put on trial from their jail cell. Although in its early stages of development, this type of trial method has already been shown reduce the costs and risks that come along with transporting convicts to and from the courthouse.

With the culmination of this news week wrap up, it is fair to say that technology is moving in a direction that allows people to perform, what was thought to be, the most highly unlikely actions right from our computer or mobile screen.

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