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December 15, 2012

Unified Communications continue to grow throughout the world. It grows at a more rapid pace in more developed countries, but 2013 should see a bigger growth worldwide.

A recent study released by Frost & Sullivan concluded that in the next 12 months, unified communications and collaboration (UCC) spaces will continue to expand and seamlessly integrate with information and communications (ICT).  

“Using a single-vendor approach to UCC is often the most effective solution, as this will ensure integration and the cohesive use of all mobile and stationary communications technologies in the enterprise. Beyond cost-savings, the use of a single vendor for all UCC needs will save executives the headaches surrounding integration woes from the use of disparate technologies,” a recent blog post said.

In related news, UCC growth is the spreading into the Middle East. Although UCC can generally be expensive for companies, finding new ways for mobile employees to work was also a focal point. The growth in the Middle East should be slow and steady, with the pursuit of a happy medium between costs and making mobile work on the go more flexible – but it’s a step in the right direction.

“We are in the middle of a major market transition that is affecting how businesses, globally, work. They are looking for new collaboration experiences that allow people to work together seamlessly anywhere, on any device, with any content,” explained Wael Abdulal, collaboration manager for Cisco UAW.

In other news, Aura Virtualized Environment is taking UCC to another level with its latest software. Aura’s recently released its newest software, The Aura unified communications suite version 6.2, will convert its applications allow to run in virtualized environments.  More companies are choosing to go the way of virtualization of unified communications to minimize the complications with unified communications.

“Avaya recognizes that any path to collaboration requires a platform that prioritizes high reliability, functionality and flexibility,” said Gary E. Barnett, senior vice president and general manager, Collaboration Platforms, Avaya. “This is why we’ve seamlessly brought these benefits from Avaya Aura into virtualized environments. With Avaya’s UC applications now VMware Ready for virtualization, our customers can travel faster, more efficient.”

In other news, social networking enthusiasts will be pleased with NextPlanes’ latest announcement of a federation between its UC platforms and social media services. With social network’s large demographic and relevance, NextPlane’s customers will surely be happy with this latest announcement.

“In today’s fast paced business environment the lines between unified communication and enterprise social networks are getting blurred,” said NextPlane’s founder and CEP, Farzin Shahidi. “Employees are expected to stay on top of several social media feeds, and chat with several people at the same time. With UC Exchange, leading edge organizations are enabling their end-users to keep in touch with their colleagues and contribute to group discussions on the corporate social network right from their UC clients.” 

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