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December 01, 2012

Communication in the workplace needs to be advanced, yet still simple to use, because the more employees accomplish during the workday, the more successful the company can become. Although communication platforms might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of Fortune 500 companies, many have implemented systems to support and enable groups of users to work together in real time.

Unified Communications (UC) allows employees to collaborate by sharing information and processes using services such as instant messaging, telephony, video conferencing, and data sharing.

Just this week, Chatham’s School of Music has upgraded its communication system to help students and faculty speak to one another more effectively. The project, which cost $41.2 million, brought ShoreTel phone equipment to the entire campus.

“Until now, staff would have to struggle to communicate across the many buildings. Now, however, thanks to Armstrong Communications and ShoreTel’s business phone system, each staff member can be contacted no matter where they are through a single number,” said unified communications Contributor, Robbie Pleasant. “This makes it easier not only for staff members to communicate with each other but for students to reach their professors at any time.”

Ian Nuttall, sales manager at Armstrong Communications PLC, said the school wanted to modify the way they communicated. “They soon realized the ShoreTel solution, with its modular state, would enable them to add functionality – such as becoming a contact center – as they grow. This could enable ticketing and booking information for their concerts, which has potential to save time and money as the school continues to develop.”

Read more about ShoreTel’s UC system here.

Another company looking to take its communications system to the next level is the Serco Group. The FTSE 100 international service company announced that it would soon be receiving converged IP network services applications from Level Communications.

Nathesh, unified communications Contributor, explains that by “leveraging Level 3 services, [Serco] hopes to simplify vendor management and improve operations as well as cost efficiencies. Over the Level 3 network, Serco’s conferencing and UC services will be enhanced which in turn enables faster and secure access to global applications and quicker process deployment to international offices,” said Nathesh. “Using level 3’s collaboration services and global network, Serco aims to extend the value of the new relationship across the company and, as a result, enhance the services and overall experience delivered to its customers.”

The Level 3 regional president of EMEA, James Heard, said that the objective is to make Serco operate more effectively by “enabling its employees to quickly and easily communicate with each other via audio, web, and video.”

Read more about Serco’s upgrades here.

Lastly, PCN has similarly announced that it will introduce a new UC system called, UltraEdge to help improve VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) and its unified communication data networks for its consumers.

“The PCN UltraEdge solution is built on PCN’s patented ‘Dynamic Adaptive Channeling’ data prioritization algorithms, running over 500 times per second in real-time scanning, monitoring and managing the physical layer of legacy cooper looking for anomalies and moving IP data to its most optimum spot on the wire,” said unified communications Contributor, Anshu Shrivastava.

Shrivastava explained that the new solution will allow users to use a single Ethernet connection to access the Internet or outside data networks. In addition, the equipment is more cost effective and is easy to install and transport. Company officials said the new system can use any grade copper and can even be installed on existing junction boxes.

“The new offering eliminates the need to have to run any new structured cabling and allows owners and integrators to instantly leverage and take advantage of legacy wiring as if their facility was wired with new CAT 5/6 cabling,” said Shrivastava.

Read the full story here.

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