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Openwave Messaging Allies with Scality

October 31, 2012

Openwave Messaging Inc., a provider of universal messaging software solutions, recently revealed that it has signed a strategic alliance with Scality, a storage infrastructure innovator. According to the terms of the partnership, Openware will resell Scality’s RING Organic stateless storage as part of its Universal Messaging Suite.

Scality RING Organic is storage infrastructure for large scale unstructured data; a unique and paradigm-shifting solution to meet the escalating challenges of large-scale, unstructured data storage. RING gives private cloud administrators the means to approach the exceptional, almost mythic levels of scalability, performance, resilience and affordability previously available only to Google and Amazon. RING’s customers also have access to these same uncompromising characteristics while maintaining full control of their datacenter (DC), hardware, applications and data.

 “The Openwave Messaging and Scality bundled solution puts us 18 months ahead of the market,” commented Bill Webb, vice president, Systems Engineering, Time Warner Cable. “It’s crucial that our systems are always on, and always able to handle our variable peak load. We believe that with Openwave Messaging and Scality we have the best solution for our needs.”

Openwave Messaging’s Universal Messaging Suite additionally allows service providers to offer large-scale, carrier-grade IP voice and video messaging service using state-of-the-art IP, SIP, VoiceXML and CCXML technologies. Built on Openwave Messaging’s Mx Messaging Platform, OVM offers a fully featured and flexible voice and video messaging solution

“In today’s business climate, it is essential to provide innovative solutions that deliver high performance while ensuring business continuity and five nines availability,” explained Dave Ratner, Openwave Messaging’s president and CEO. “The Scality offering fits perfectly with our messaging solution to deliver unprecedented robustness and reliability to our joint customers.”

 “We have been working closely with Openwave Messaging to advance the scalability of large scale email infrastructures, and we are glad that this work now leads to today’s strategic partnership announcement,” added Jerome Lecat, CEO of Scality. “Scality will be able to benefit from Openwave Messaging’s proven messaging solutions and its strong market presence in North America, Western Europe and Japan, and Openwave Messaging will benefit from a solution truly unique in the industry.”

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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