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TMCnet Unified Communications Week in Review

October 27, 2012

Businesses throughout the great big world utilize unified communications (UC) in order to see countless benefits that range from decreasing costs and increasing efficiency to streamlining overall operations and driving collaboration among geographically separated divisions of a firm.

This week, it was revealed that many enterprises believe that the ability to view other employees while speaking with them is highly important, especially if they can’t be physically be close to them in proximity. That’s where mobile video conferencing comes into play, as it allows anyone to increase collaboration with another party in much more efficient manner. And with the influx of smartphones the “now generation” heavily relies upon, conferencing is becoming even more prevalent.

 "Videoconferencing is entering the mainstream of enterprise use at the personal [mobile] level, not at the telepresence or room-based system level," Andrew Davis, senior partner at Wainhouse Research was quoted as saying in a recent blog post.

Davis also added that as younger individuals enter the workforce, they will demand the use of mobile and social solutions when communicating with colleagues and even customers.

In other news, Everbridge, a provider of interactive communication and mass notification solutions, debuted its Mass Notification offering as well as Interactive Visibility, touted as the first social, mobile, global communications solution platform specifically for the EMEA region.

These two products are guaranteed to enhance the delivery of important communications by seamlessly integrating social media and mobility. While users leveraging Mass Notification can quickly send important messages to individuals or groups using lists, locations and visual intelligence, Interactive Visibility, reduces the complexity associated with closely analyzing events in addition to better communicating with a wide customer base.

Closing out the week, Vidyo in hopes of ramping up sales reduced the price of its products dramatically. While other offerings that offer users the same type of capabilities can be purchased for up to 10 times more than Vidyo solutions, they aren’t any better.

“Our latest innovations continue to demonstrate our technology lead and our commitment to make hardware oriented business models obsolete,” said Ofer Shapiro, Vidyo’s co-founder and CEO. “Vidyo was the first company to identify and prove that a new software-based architecture was needed to deliver the scale required to support hundreds of millions of personal endpoints.”

The company focuses heavily on continuously enhancing its video communications and collaboration technology so really turning to the company is a win-win for consumers, as they can leverage robust solutions at a much lower price point.

For all of the most vital breaking news in the industry, be sure to stay tuned to the unified communications Community, exclusively on unified communications!

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