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Rentec's Tenant Messaging Center Allows Landlords to Communicate Easier

October 24, 2012

While property managers and landlords have it easy with money flowing in thick and fast, they also have to encounter the irksome job of communicating with all their tenants, who might be spread far and wide. This is even more difficult in a traditional environment, where most of the communication is done by phone, a time consuming, costly and non-documented exercise.

Rentec Direct, which provides cloud based property management software for property managers and landlords, expects to make this rather tedious task easier with the introduction of its New Tenant Messaging Center, noted company officials.

This new communication tool makes it easy to broadcast common messages to all tenants or just selected ones very quickly with just a couple of clicks. In addition to communicating with tenants, those who manage properties on behalf of property owners can also send a group message to all owners, or just a section using the ubiquitous SMS and e-mail.

Rentec subscribers voted unanimously that communication was one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of being a property manager, but by shifting to SMS and e-mail, landlords can now save time and hours of phone calls for notifications that are not of special importance.

What is even more important is that Rentec has recently announced compatibility with the nationwide cellular SMS network. This enables tenants without e-mail facilities to use their cell phones to check for group SMS.

Apart from the whole exercise saving time, money and effort, this type of communication allows all parties concerned to have a communication log that is recorded within the system and archived. It can be referred to in case of any ambiguity.

Rentec Direct, provider of high quality instant tenant screening reports, announced upgrades to its screening platform which substantially improves and streamlines the tenant screening process for landlords. With the addition of three popular screening packages, screening tenants is now simpler than ever and requires only a few points of data and a couple clicks. The results are then returned and displayed to the landlord on their computer screen instantly.

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