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Unified Communications is Crucial in Keeping Customers Satisfied

October 16, 2012

Without a steady and healthy customer base, no business will be able to succeed. Thus, it is highly important that customers are made to feel important and valued and can rest assured that the organization they have decided to team with will go above and beyond to meet their varied expectations. Unified communications is a key element in enabling customers to remain happy within all aspects of communication.

A recent survey that involved over 1,000 consumers has been released by Sitel, revealing that the public strongly believes companies need to not only power rapid services, but also be extremely reliable when it comes to multiple communication channels including IM, social media and SMS text message. In fact, according to findings at this time instant messaging is continued to be leveraged as a fast way to get in touch with someone and get your message across with ease, a blog post from unified communications provider Teo stated. 

Additionally, nearly six percent of consumers commented they find themselves increasingly turning to both instant messaging and chat as a way to interact with companies, which is different from the previous year’s study.  

"The customer service landscape is changing every day," said Joe Doyle, vice president of global marketing at Sitel, in a statement. "To meet consumers' expectations for a rapid response when and where they demand it, businesses must be prepared to provide customer support across a number of different channels, including chat, SMS and social media and not just the more traditional methods of phone and e-mail."

By implementing an innovative portfolio of unified communications offerings, firms in every vertical can help to measure up to increasing demands by connecting with customers in the way they feel most comfortable whether it is through chat or video conferencing.

As new businesses make their way into virtually every space by the day, it is crucial to keep your current clients while also gaining new ones. The only way to truly do that is to leverage unified communications which will ultimately help you keep in much closer contact with individuals at a cost-effective price.

An interesting note to highlight here is that UC offerings are so vital that SMBS all over the globe are continuing to turn to these solutions as a way to cut costs and drive productivity.

These smaller sized enterprises desperately need a go-to portfolio filled with innovative solutions that will help them gain and keep a competitive edge for the long term. In conjunction with UC, a lot of small to medium-sized businesses are also implementing bring your own device (BYOD) programs, with currently around 75 percent of SMBs currently having this initiative in place. Luckily with a UC offering in place, these firms can easily support various operating systems from anywhere in addition to enabling workers to complete time-sensitive tasks no matter where they are located.

"In 2011, SMBs represented 46 percent of the U.S. installed base of [IP telephony] lines but accounted for only 30 percent of the spending on UC applications," Ken Dolsky, senior program director for InfoTrack commented.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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