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Whaleback Boosts Access Manufacturing System's Communications

October 16, 2012

Whaleback Managed Services is making waves, as Access Manufacturing Systems (AMS) has used Whaleback’s CrystalBlue UC Service to help improve communications and productivity. AMS will put its unified communications operations in Whaleback’s qualified hands, keeping operating costs low and letting the company focus on other important aspects.

AMS, a private reseller of CAMWorks, has five offices across the United States and Canada, and was in need of a new phone system to let employees reach each other no matter where they were. Customers were also annoyed by having to wait for a call back from help desks, as the receptionists had no way of knowing if the help desks were busy or not.

I use the past tense for that because such is no longer the case, thanks to Whaleback. Its CrystalBlue Cloud-Managed UC Services provided AMS with an enterprise-wide communications system, providing all the features and quality of an on-premise PBX with none of the pain of installing and managing one. It can be accessed from any Internet or mobile connection, and combines business-class telephony features, HD voice, network services, messaging, collaboration, mobility, and redundancy in a cloud-based package and robust enterprise system.

"Whaleback offered us terrific features and benefits,” says AMS’s president, David Dulong. “Not having to own the product outright and having them manage it for us is actually less expensive for us monthly than what we had been paying. We can just pick up the phone and dial someone directly, which helps our employees and customers to connect quicker and more efficiently. Now when our resellers need help, our receptionist can look to see which help desk line is free and connect customers quickly to give them what they need."

With CrystalBlue, users only need to pay for the services they need, when they need it. It provides proactive management and monitoring, with remote problem identification and resolution. It’s made “future proof,” so that any new applications and services one may need can be added to it, and full end-to-end support is guaranteed, with a staff of highly trained support professionals.

Access Manufacturing Systems has clearly benefitted from Whaleback’s CrystalBlue managed services, as its communications woes are at an end. The services offered have proven very helpful for AMS’s employees and customers alike, who are now enjoying ease of communication and improved productivity as a result.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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