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ShoreTel Meets Big Demand From Large Enterprise Customers with Collaboration Applications

May 11, 2012

ShoreTel recently announced the availability of collaboration applications. This is a strategic view that will effectively meet the increasing demands from large enterprise customers. The company is a provider of simple business phones systems and unified communications (UC) solutions.

The ShoreTel 12.3 supports 10,000 concurrent instant messaging clients, in addition to 1,000 audio conferencing ports, and 500 Web conferencing ports. The company’s Linux based Service Appliance 400 offers tight integration between collaboration services which are handled by IT in ShoreTel Director by the end user in ShoreTel Communicator.

In a release, Bakari Taylor, Systems Administrator at Current TV, said, "The SA-400 from a feature standpoint is simply amazing. Beyond the added capacity that comes with the new hardware the new feature set is so rich that it enables users to work in ways that were not possible before. When we first received the new conference bridge we thought it was a standard upgrade, but to our surprise it was so much more. To put it simply the SA-400 is a game changer."

An increasing number of global enterprises across more than 48 countries depend on ShoreTel to ensure seamless internal and external collaborations between their business sections and the customers at different locations.  

Kevin Gavin, chief marketing officer at ShoreTel, said, "We're pleased to be selected by large enterprises that wish to provide applications for their employees, but without the cost of complexity of traditional premise or hosted services. By offering a single scalable platform that serves both midsize and large enterprises, we're able to concentrate all efforts on making solutions brilliantly simple for users and administrators. Like most UC vendors, we include collaboration tools with our UC platform.”

IM has literally revolutionized communications as it is faster and more casual than email. Collaboration ensures that co-workers can share ideas without the need for lengthy phone calls and email tags which bring down productivity. The latest technology advancements can support chatting either in groups or on a one-on-one basis. And when simple IM is not enough, the instant message can be easily converted into video-enabled phone call merely at the touch of a button. ShoreTel Collaboration has been designed to work with enterprise applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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