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HootSuite Teams: A Tool for Serious Business Collaboration

May 08, 2012

Makers of social media management systems at HootSuite have released a business collaboration tool named HootSuite Teams. 

HootSuite’s tool offers an enterprise scale business collaboration solution for global companies, as well as small businesses. In the past year, corporate clients on HootSuite have tripled, with two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies now active users of the dashboard.

Owing to massive growth in the corporate social media in recent years, companies have significantly ramped up their social media teams with corporations now averaging 23 team members each. These teams are also distributed with members having multiple accounts from different departments and different locations.

While teams have grown, tools haven’t kept pace.

For social media executives managing large teams across multiple departments and spread across many location, the updates are timely. "HootSuite makes it really easy to collaborate," said Dewayne Hankins, New Media Director for the LA Kings NHL team, which has 220,000 Facebook fans and nearly 100,000 Twitter followers. "I can even keep tabs on our mascot's tweets now."

With its secure and scalable collaboration capabilities, HotSuite Teams promises to change that. It allows companies of all sizes to onboard new teams and integrates social media into every aspect of business. HotSuite Teams provide robust scheduling features, allowing companies to plan sophisticated social media campaigns months in advance. Its powerful access control settings can prohibit unwanted tweets and who can post what to which network.

Social media teams can be expanded seamlessly by building them by region, department or product line. It also features workflow management capabilities providing supervisory controls for assigning, aligning and approving all the messages.  

 "This is a product that's overdue and clearly needed. Social media used to be one intern," said Ryan Holmes, HootSuite CEO and founder. "Now it's multi-million-dollar teams at the planet's largest companies. Customers are asking for enterprise-grade support, and Teams is a powerful, intuitive solution." 

HootSuite introduced a directory last November that more extensively maps their use of apps within their social networking practices.

Edited by Braden Becker

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