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April 21, 2012

Unified communications remains as important as ever this week with numerous companies implementing new communication solutions for customers.

Jacqueline Lee, contributing writer, reported that Aruba has revealed that two mobile voice solutions from AltiGen have been recognized with a certification from the ArubaEdge Technology Partner Program.

“Microsoft Lync is transforming the economics of unified communications, and partners like AltiGen help us extend those savings to desktop telephony,” said Michael Tennefoss, Aruba Networks’ head of Strategic Partnerships. “Replacing wired VoIP phones with smartphones running Aruba’s Wi-Fi networks and equipped with AltiGen’s MaxMobile for Lync and iFusion SmartStations can yield huge monetary and carbon footprint savings.”

Like Tennefoss said, these new mobile solutions can help businesses eliminate unnecessary costs and maintenance by allowing a lot of the data to be transferred through an online network. Niel Levonius, senior director of Corporate Strategy at AltiGen said, “The performance of MaxMobile for Lync is dependent on the quality and capabilities of the Wi-Fi infrastructure over which it operates,” said Levonius. “Aruba’s industry-leading, application-aware Wi-Fi solutions make it possible for us to deliver high-quality Microsoft Lync services to smartphone devices.”

Read more of Lee’s report on unified communications.

Instead of adding on projects, Openwave has decided to sell its Mediation and Messaging technology to Marlin Equity Partners. The company has signed an agreement to sell the product to Marline Equity Partners by the end of this month.

“Our agreement with Marlin Equity to sell our Mediation and Messaging product businesses represents a major milestone in the implementation of the corporate strategy we began last October,” said Mike Mulica CEO of Openwave. “We believe this transaction is in the best interest of our customers, employees, and shareholders. As we complete the sale of our product businesses, we will continue to focus on a multi-pronged strategy to realize the value of our unique patent portfolio.”

A partner at Marlin Equity, Nick Kaiser, said this new deal would allow Marlin Equity to expand on its software. “We plan to make the necessary investments in both businesses to continue to deliver market-leading software to Openwave’s global customer base.”

Get the full details of the sale by reading the report here.

Meanwhile, another company IOCOM, has grabbed the attention of Mitchell Associates with its new video conferencing and collaboration program. Mitchell Associates has decided to use the new platform to increase overall productivity.

“Our previous Web conferencing solution restricted our ability to share high-resolution models with multiple users at multiple locations,” said Scott Vinson, president of Mitchell Associates. “Since launching Visimeet, we no longer run in to these problems and can now share HD quality renderings with an unlimited number of users on their laptops or desktops at an unlimited number of locations. This is bringing real benefits in terms of speed, productivity, and effectiveness.”

Tim Hackett, CEO of IOCOM, said he has noticed a trend that customers are switching over from old technology to new online video collaboration. “Common reasons include the ability to have more people with flexible controls and higher quality video and audio without the dependence of bulky proprietary hardware. We’re excited to provide Mitchell Associates with the tools that allow them to easily meet internally and engage their clients externally.”

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Finally, this week ShoreTel announced it has decided to add a new cloud-based channel partner, Cloud Division, M5 Networks Datamart, Inc. as an Alliance Partner. This new relationship will enable Datamart to add cloud-based services (audio and voice) into its contact center solutions.

“Datamart is thrilled to feature ShoreTel’s cloud services as a new offering,” said Scott St. Clair, president of Datamart. “Our customers have been vocal about their need for a state-of-the art, cloud-based business phone solution that can also support their need for unified communications. M5, ShoreTel’s Cloud Division, has a proven track record of reliability and outstanding customer service that makes them an excellent choice. We couldn’t be happier about the ability to offer both on-premise and cloud-based solutions backed by a company like ShoreTel.”

ShoreTel was one of the first phone companies to include VoIP-like abilities for enterprises. After being setup, ShoreTel’s VoIP phones allow employees to record calls, keep a call log, save voicemails as MP3s, and even transfer calls through the desktop.

ShoreTel completed its acquisition of M5 Networks last month and plans on adding the new cloud-based services to its phones within the next couple of weeks.

Read the rest of the report here.

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