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Auraya Ready to Integrate with Avaya IVR Platforms for Voice Authentication Services

April 09, 2012

Auraya Systems, a major provider of versatile voice verification services, has joined Avaya’s DevConnect Developer & Partner Program. The move supports Auraya’s commitment to integrate its flagship solution, the ArmorVox Speaker Identity System, with Avaya’s IVR platforms.

“The Avaya DevConnect program offers us the ability to integrate onto IVR platforms, allowing our partners to develop and easily implement voice biometrics authentication solutions,” said Jeff LaBombard, vice president of Auraya Systems. “Our team is excited for the opportunity to partner with Avaya and to provide their customers with leading edge voice biometrics capabilities that enhance their operations.”

ArmorVox uses advanced speaker identification methods, using both text-independent and text-dependent voice verification. Once the solution is incorporated with Avaya’s IVR solutions, developers and call center solutions providers can offer a richer and more flexible biometric service, delivering enhanced convenience, flexibility and security to clients. The result is better protection against identity theft, password hacking and unauthorized access to personal information.

“Enterprise customers deeply dependent upon telecommunications for customer service and operations have turned to Avaya as a leading solution and service provider,” said LaBombard. “By combining Avaya with ArmorVox, IVR system developers and call center solutions providers can implement richer and more flexible biometric services with enhanced security, convenience and flexibility.”

For its part, Auraya stands ready to pursue the many advantages offered by the DevConnect program. Their alliance with Avaya will provide them with access to application programming interfaces, software development kits, developer tools, technical support options and training resources. With these tools, Auraya will be able to develop and sell innovative products, like ArmorVox, which integrate with Avaya technology. Customers can also enhance their networks with top-notch applications chosen by Avaya to bring value to their product portfolio.

By using the Avaya interface, Auraya can ensure that ArmorVox integrates with Avaya technology. Auraya can also submit products to Avaya’s Solutions Interoperability and Test Lab to verify compatibility with Avaya solutions.

Auraya, which currently has offices in Boston, Canberra and Sydney, works primarily with government, banking and health services clients. ArmorVox authorized partners offer both technical support and professional services for clients who purchase the voice verification solution.

Edited by Braden Becker

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