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VOSS Solutions and ISI Telemanagement Solutions Partner for UC Solution

March 27, 2012

VOSS Solutions and ISI Telemanagement have introduced the first UC Business Analytics Solutions to the growing market. VOSS Solutions, known for enterprise communications, and Telemanagement Solutions, a provider of cost-efficient management solutions ranging from voice to data, plan to do this through a new business partnership that showcases the expertise of both companies.

The UC Business Analytics Solution will provide rich data in one location that would otherwise be spread across an entire network infrastructure. Companies will find that using the new solution will save time and money because everything is conveniently in one place.

Dashboards will help organizations access real-time reports on-screen while tracking items, accessing trunk utilization, resources and license consumption according to a press release. The access to real-time reports and resources will help save operating costs because information is available immediately on the screen.

This particular solution offers four may key components that help businesses with common problems. This includes: real-time call status for fixed line or wireless contact centers, real-time UC service activation and inventory status, and reporting all communication costs and business analytics in relation to dashboards, analytics and reporting.

“We see UC-BAS as the next stage in the evolution of UC fulfillment and telecom expense management, delivering integrated UC business analytics for enterprises to achieve greater efficiencies and lower costs with UC applications and mobile devices,” Christopher May, vice president and co-founder of VOSS Solutions, said in a statement.

The vice president of Business Development at ISI Telemanagement, David Dishek, agrees. He noted that the solution is also necessary with the implemation of social media, tablets and BYOD in the workplace. “Many organizations are still unsure how these will impact on day to day operations,” he said. “Both ISI and VOSS push the boundaries of innovation, to adapt their own solutions to these new changes, and as a result UC-BAS will continue to evolve to address the challenges faced by our customers.”

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