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SimpleSignal's 'Disruptive Technology' Simplifies and Unifies Communications

March 07, 2012

AT ITEXPO East 2012 in Miami, Fla., SimpleSignal CEO Dave Gilbert interviewed with Carrie Schmelkin, Web editor at TMC. Gilbert discussed SimpleSigal’s mission to simplify and unify communications by using the cloud.

A service provider of a disruptive technology, SimpleSignal is radically changing the way the world communicates with its solution of converged voice, video and data over broadband to small and medium businesses. The company enables businesses to simplify and unify their business communications. Business professionals want one place to check all their personal and business voicemails, one number that rings all their phones, one mailbox that contains their e-mail and voicemail sound files, and one place where all calls and IM are purposely directed and managed according to their agenda.

 “We are a unified communications company, but we’re more than that because we’re cloud-based, so the concept is really that what we are trying to do is bring businesses into the cloud, not only with their communication, but with all the different ways that they collaborate and communicate every single day,” said Gilbert.

Since the company was founded in 2004, the industry has changed dramatically.

 “It started out to be basically ‘get the voice over the Internet’ instead of over wires and telephone poles. So we began to start seeing cost savings, but more than just the cost savings, it was the ability to communicate using applications, not just voice,” Gilbert told unified communications.

Today, that idea is fully blown as applications are becoming more available to small businesses and have changed the way business works.

A true differentiating factor for SimpleSignal is that the company offers a solution to the customer, not just a transaction. For SimpleSignal, it is about changing and improving the way in which a business communicates and collaborates.

Gilbert said, “We walk into a business and say ‘What are you trying to do? How can we make your business move faster and better using these new communication tools?’”

SimpleSignal now offers businesses the ability to text through a desk phone. When you text, you give up your cell phone number, however, with the company’s solution that protects and unifies your information, you don’t have to give away your cell phone number. Instead, the only number that shows up is your desk phone number.

Looking to the future, SimpleSignal plans to dive into the video arena.

For instance, SimpleSignal can approximate the telepresence room. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, it can push video all the way out to a tablet with multi-point video conferencing, which is really the perfect form factor because it’s small enough to go mobile, but large enough to really create an image.

Gilbert said, “For companies that have distributed workforces all over the world, they can come together at any point over their device and pull it all together with good enough quality to really see faces and change the dynamic of the conference.”

Edited by Tammy Wolf

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