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Denwa Introduces Denwa Premium at ITEXPO

February 29, 2012

Denwa was among the hundreds of companies at ITEXPO in Miami this year introducing new and innovative IP telephony products. The Denwa team has attended several ITEXPOs in the past and has won several awards such as product of the year in 2003 and in 2011. Denwa’s president recently spoke to TMC Managing Editor Stefanie Mosca in at ITEXPO.

“We are very happy to participate in this show for 2012 because we have presentations for our new products,” said Ghione. “We are now more focused on the next generation of unified communications solutions.”

Denwa is a communications provider for new homes, modern enterprises and new generation technology, providing a single point solution through a network connection. Denwa delivers an interface to centralize services that use different devices. Unification and mass production of next-generation services is Denwa’s main objective as the new services are converging and require operators who will be our main strategic partners in the cloud.

This year, Ghione and his Denwa team brought a new product to ITEXPO. Denwa’s new product – called Denwa Premium – offers one complete solution for unified communication. With all of the solutions that the company made with the firewalls, switch, IP Phones, Denwa decided to create this unified solution for Latin America and Europe.

Among Denwa Premium, all of the Denwa products on display at ITEXPO had videoconferencing as a feature.

“I see so many people talking about the videoconferencing and for us, it is very normal in our [unified communication] solution. For our PCs we offer up to five conferencing at the same time,” explained Ghione. “We think our solution for today is the best one and the most sure solution in the market.”

Globally, more than 115 operators have acquired Denwa solutions. In 2003, Denwa created its first product called GBILL pointing to the need for VoIP when and ITEXPO is nominated for “Best of ITEXPO Show 2003”. In 2008, the company was awarded "Company of the Year Tecnologica" in Latin America Silicion Valley.

 “Customers can look forward to all of the features from Denwa in the near future,” said Ghione.

Throughout history many innovative technologies have changed the world. In technology Denwa has used integration of these technologies to give a unified benefit to its customers. Denwa has achieved seamless implementation of new generation technology in the mass market.

For more on unified communications, check out some of the other video interviews that took place at ITEXPO a few weeks ago by clicking here.  


Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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