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ITEXPO Veteran Broadvox Talks Cloud Communications with TMCnet

January 26, 2012

A provider of unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions for business communication and collaboration, Broadvox has no shame in having all its hands in the “cloud jar,” so to speak. From voice and data connections to the phones situated on employees’ desktops, no hosting service has been left untouched by this VoIP, SIP trunking and UC company.

Next week, Broadvox will head down to Miami, Fla., to attend TMC’s ITEXPO East 2012 conference. A veteran to the communications conference, Broadvox is serving as Gold Sponsor of Cloud Communications Expo, a collocated event with ITEXPO, and will feature its own David Byrd, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing, as a speaker during “Can UC in the Cloud?”, a session that will take a closer look at the benefits of moving to a UCaaS model.

Leading up to the show, taking place Jan. 31 to Feb. 3, unified communications had the opportunity to discuss what exactly is making waves in the cloud computing space with Monique Gustafson, marketing communications specialist for Broadvox. In addition to sharing her take on the cloud communications market and how cloud-based solutions have benefited Broadvox, Gustafson also touched on a number of hot topics in the tech space.

The complete interview follows below.

How has cloud computing changed the communications landscape over the past year?

The variety and scope of cloud computing products and services has driven awareness and also commoditized these solutions to drive mass implementation over the next year.

What are enterprises looking for from their communications providers and how can those providers leverage the cloud to deliver on those expectations?

Enterprises seek secure, reliable and consistent delivery of services from the pooled resources of the cloud.

Cost savings is always the first thing mentioned when it comes to benefits of cloud. Aside from cost, where is the value proposition in cloud communications?

Business continuity and mobility.

How has your own business benefitted from cloud-based communications?

Remote connectivity and increased efficiency.

Will cloud serve to fragment the industry or strengthen existing ecosystems?

Fragmentation before ultimate consolidation based on a single standard.

Is cloud communications primarily a SMB service? How can enterprises benefit equally?

Although SMBs have been quick to adopt cloud services in order to extend capital and other resources, enterprises are also using clouds; however, enterprises have the resources to implement private clouds over which they feel they have greater control and security.

What will be the greatest growth area as a result of cloud (e.g., mobility, video, social media, CEBP, etc.)?

Fixed-mobile convergence.

One of the greatest growth areas as a result of cloud is embedded multimodal communications in applications such as Skype and Facebook. What impact do third-party communications apps like these have on business communications providers?

Third-party communications apps offer less expensive alternatives and an entry point for those businesses considering migrating to the cloud.

Can Microsoft make a splash with its promised integration of Window Phone and Windows 8?

Yes, and along with the Xbox 360 and Kinect these will seamlessly integrate with a user’s phone, desktop and television to create an information, communication and entertainment command center in the living room.

When will cloud make the on-premises PBX obsolete?

It will not make on-premises PBXs obsolete; there are always going to be people and businesses that prefer to control their own technology and who need to feel full ownership of their solution and cloud services do not provide this tangibility.

Why is Cloud Communications Expo a must-attend event?

This expo is the premiere Cloud Communications forum. All major and minor players attend and interact to provide a realistic outlook on where UC technology will be headed in the next 12 to 18 months.

Want to learn more about cloud communications? Then be sure to attend the Cloud Communications Expo, collocated with TMC’s ITEXPO East 2012 taking place Jan. 31-Feb. 3 2012, in Miami, FL. The Cloud Communications Expo will address the growing need of businesses to integrate and leverage cloud based communications applications, process enhancement techniques, and network based communications interfaces and architectures. For more information on registering for the Cloud Communications Expo click here.

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Tammy Wolf is a unified communications web editor. She covers a wide range of topics, including IP communications and information technology. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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