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Deltapath Announces FrSIP Unified Communication Platform Support to the Polycom RealPresence Mobile

November 14, 2011

Deltapath, provider of Session Initiated Protocol based unified communication solutions for enterprise customers, announced that it will deliver support of its frSIP Unified Communication Core solution to the Polycom RealPresence Mobile in the latest version offering. By providing support for Polycom video endpoints Deltapath further builds on the company's mission to deliver unified HD video and voice communication across a wide range of devices and locations for enterprise clients.

The company, by announcing the availability of the Polycom RealPresence Mobile, has now joined the elite rank of the second company in the world after Broadsoft that currently supports Polycom RealPresence Mobile.

In a release, David Liu, CEO of Deltapath, said that, “Deltapath's vision is to make it possible for hundreds of thousands of frSIP Unified Communication Platform users to be able to connect and collaborate with each other with their preferred way of communication even they are on the road. Deltapath frSIP supports the Polycom RealPresence Mobile, enables the mobile tablet devices such as Apple iPad2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or Motorola XOOM to be a remote extension of your video desktop in your office.”

Customers of Deltapath that currently use Polycom endpoints and UC infrastructure will now be able to both extend and integrate with Deltapath frSIP Unified Communication Core. By doing this customers will be provided with video and voice communications anytime and from any location.

The Deltapath frSIP on Polycom RealPresence Mobile has been designed to deliver customers with advanced portability, usability, and scalability functionalities applicable across multiple vertical industries. By leveraging the latest offering from Deltapath, engineers in manufacturing and field services sectors will benefit from increased visibility of the factory floor which means they can remotely carry out inspections and deliver diagnoses which effectively cuts down time-to-market.

Sales Mangers in Enterprises, while engaging at their client locations, can easily invite remote support teams or senior managers to participate in client meetings even without the presence of a video conferencing device.

Real Estate agents can conduct virtual tours for their customers using their tablets which effectively saves on time for the client and the agent both. Within the healthcare sector, physicians using tablets will be able to collaborate via video with a host of medical experts to conduct the most effective telemedicine evaluations which can accelerate time taken to diagnose medical problems.

Mobile response units within the government will now be able to in real-time share information and carry out live-on-site analysis with crisis centers during emergencies and disasters. This can speed up the process of effective provisioning of resources and manpower. 

Calvin Azuri is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Calvin’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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