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DigitalRoute's Enhanced MediationZone Integrates Unified Usage Management

November 11, 2011

Advanced unified usage management capabilities have been incorporated by the latest release of the MediationZone platform. An announcement in this regard has been made by DigitalRoute, the top company in mediation software for service providers. Usage and trigger events towards external systems can be counted by the new capabilities incorporated by DigitalRoute’s flagship product, MediationZone.

It is increasingly important for communication service providers to be able to manage usage data. This can be possible by enforcing usage policies. Apart from maximizing revenues, the usage policies can communication service providers to meet customer expectations of accurate and timely information about their data consumption.

In a release, Thomas Vasen, product manager at DigitalRoute said, “As the frequency at which low-value usage events must be captured from the networks increases, propagating data volumes in downstream systems becomes a challenge. For this reason, duplication of Usage Management processes is bound to be untenable for service providers that are looking to simplify their data infrastructure.”

According to Vasen, a unified solution is needed to reduce cost. Consistent and accurate usage counting across a range of applications beyond billing can also be achieved with a unified solution.

One of the primary challenges faced by service provides while implementing Usage Management is the flexibility in meeting new business requirements. This information was provided by Digital Route after recently conducting a survey.

MediationZone 5.1 FR3 is a solution that serves any business process. A smooth transition towards a new revenue management environment is also enabled. This solution is provided by DigitalRoute to service providers.

New Usage Management capabilities are featured by the latest release. Counting of individual usage, rule-based triggering of user-alerts is therefore enabled. Other Usage Management capabilities include service limiting actions and transfer of consolidated billing data.

Stephen Rickaby, general manager for Americas at DigitalRoute said, “Our solution is completely modular and fits perfectly in any environment regardless of the existing data infrastructure. MediationZone really is the cornerstone in any solution that depends on robust and flexible real-time management of usage data.”

In other news, DigitalRoute recently announced that the company is ready to deliver its bill shock prevention solution to help U.S. wireless service providers meet the new guidelines jointly announced by CTIA-The Wireless Association, the Federal Communications Commission, and Consumers Union.

Carolyn John is a Contributor to unified communications. To read more of her articles, please columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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