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Data Centre Alliance Supported by Daisy Group

November 02, 2011

The Data Centre Alliance or DCA now includes Daisy Group plc as its founding member. The DCA is a professional association for the data center industry. With the view of setting standards for the data center industry, Daisy Group plc has formed an alliance with a collection of other top companies in the industry. Daisy Group is a top provider of unified communications for businesses.

There is a rapid increase in the adoption of cloud-based technologies. There is also a rise in the number of online-exclusive businesses. This has resulted into an increased demand for measurable data centre guidelines. The different levels of data centers will be defined for the first time by the DCA. Standards will also be established by the DCA which will be followed by the industry.

Each data center will be certified by a “Type” ranging from 1.0 to 4.0 by taking into consideration the site's security, cooling design and fault management. A non-dedicated site like an office server room with limited redundant components with best practice data center management will be certified as DCA Certified Type 1.0.

Data centers with redundant power, cooling and connectivity components with best practice data center management will be certified as DCA Certified Type 2.0. Similarly, data centers with concurrently maintainable infrastructure with best practice data center management will be DCA Certified Type 3.0. DCA Certified Type 4.0 data centers will be the ones with fault tolerant infrastructure with best practice data center management.

Daisy provides hosting, co-location and cloud-based services from its own three highly monitored data centers in Manchester, London and Southampton. According to Andrew Lockwood, commercial director for Data, Daisy Group, the company is delighted to be involved with the DCA.

In a release, Simon Campbell-Whyte, executive director, DCA said, “We extend a huge welcome to Daisy Group and are delighted to have them on-board as both a founding and Partner member. All our members are encouraged to, and do actively contribute towards our standards development through editorial contribution, event participation and continual PR and we look forward to Daisy Group being an integral part of this continual program.”

In other news, Daisy Group plc has warned Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulated firms to act fast before new rules on mobile call recording come into force this year. To assist the companies that might come under the new rules, Daisy Group has joined hands with Compliant Phones, the UK's leading independent mobile and voice recording company, to develop and market a unique solution set.

Carolyn John is a Contributor to unified communications. To read more of her articles, please columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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