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VoIP Solutions: Happy Birthday Email, You're... How Old?

October 27, 2011

Guess how old email is this year? Twenty years? Thirty? Try forty. We know, she doesn’t look a day over 39. She is showing her age, though. VoIP solutions provider Teo noted recently in a blog post that with email turning 40 this year, there’s some chatter whether or not the old girl’s outlived her day. “A lot of communication experts and information workers are starting to ask, ‘Is email still relevant in today’s communication environment’?” Teo officials say.

Yes it’s easy to see the flaws in email -- you must be connected to the Internet, sometimes there are halts in the server and an email can be sent long after it is sent, attachments can carry viruses, if the address is written incorrectly it won't be sent, you can receive spam mail and if your password for your account is not secure it can be hacked, just for starters, Answers.com recently detailed.

All that and many more aside, Teo officials say in the post “We’d like to think that it is still a vital part of every business’s communication toolbox. Heck, the Crackberry wouldn’t be so immensely popular if this wasn’t the case.”

True enough. Crackberry addicts raise your hand. The one that isn’t being used. “That being said, email does have some major drawbacks that need to be acknowledged and considered when deciding on which communication tool to use for specific challenges that your business may face.” Teo officials rightly note.

Basically, businesses today need a system to facilitate their many modes of communication channels. Nobody’s talking about completely eliminating email, but it’s hardly the only option anymore. “Our complex world today calls for an easy-to-use product,” Teo officials say, adding that their UC system is “the answer to this call. It effortlessly ties together all of your technological devices and mediums into one easy to use product, allowing you to pick the right communication tool for challenges as they arise.”

Which is what it’s all about, after all – finding the perfect VoIP solution for the situation.

David Sims is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of David’s articles, please visit his columnist page. He also blogs for unified communications here.

Edited by Jamie Epstein