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iCall Debuts iCall 7 Beta

October 20, 2011

iCall has just launched iCall 7 Beta, which improves the user experience by bringing HD video calling, messaging and collaboration to life, the company stated.

All PC, Mac or Linux desktops can support iCall 7 Beta. While also enabling users to directly interact with multiple messaging protocols, such as Facebook Chat, Google Talk, and Yahoo!Messenger, it integrates its own SMS, voice and video functionality. Within one tabbed window, a central communications hub houses all activities and conversations, while the intuitive user interface lets users IM, video call, text and dial, the company revealed in a press release.

“With iCall, consumers can now enjoy a superior audio and video calling experience, with the added benefit of having an integrated communications solution so they can talk freely across various communication channels,” said iCall co-founder and CEO, Arlo Gilbert. “Our mission is to eliminate communication barriers, while promoting open standards and interoperability between programs and applications. We are consistently developing new ways for consumers to connect, so this release is a stepping stone to further innovations and capabilities.”

Through iCall Voice, iCall can provide customers with an entirely new way of managing their communications, which they can access after registering for a free iCall account. The tool also enables them to manage both their iCall Mobile and online communications. Apart from setting up other free features, such as call recording and voicemail transcriptions, users can also customize calling preferences, route and screen calls, the company has announced.

Recently, IVR Technology Group, a provider of phone automation services to enhance customer conversations, drive sales and lower costs, released iCall, a feature rich streamlined approach to automated outbound call processing. iCall can work in tandem with both small and large applications and features easy-to-use controls.

Raju Shanbhag is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Raju’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

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