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Landslide Technologies

October 17, 2011

Landslide Technologies announced the launch of its new Fall Release featuring fully-integrated Social CRM tools.

In a release Rick Faulk, CEO of Landslide Technologies said, “Adding Social CRM gives a new and much needed business intelligence resource to the SMB user.”

“We are the first CRM that fully integrates Social CRM into a CRM product, allowing salespeople to effectively use social media to establish and build relationships with their customers and prospects. Sales teams are now better informed as they look to expand existing business and uncover new opportunities,” Faulk added.

Company sources revealed that the new feature can seamlessly integrate customers’ and prospects’ latest Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook information directly into their Landslide CRM Contact profiles.

Landslide CRM is the first CRM system that integrates Social CRM for offering valuable business intelligence tools that are capable of positively influencing the overall sales process. These new features will be made available to all users at no additional cost, said officials.

Faulk further added that this product release will also make Landslide CRM much faster and easier to use. Also the new look, organization and features makes it an easy to use CRM solution.

Landslide CRM recently introduced the integrated Email Marketing tool which allows users to deliver professional email marketing programs that can seamlessly track back into the CRM system. This reveals the levels of performance besides enabling accurate ROI measurement.

The new Landslide CRM Fall Release includes an integrated Social CRM that allows users to understand their customers better by seamlessly integrating their tweets, posts, links and so on in real time, directly from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Also faster Home Page Loading with New Views gives instant access to information.

The new Navigation Bar Organization and Look repositions the main Menus to upper left corner use, while Jump To and Workspace menus have been expanded and repositioned to upper right corner for easier viewing.

Officials added that all new Icons for Pulse, Chat, GoToMeeting, EyesOnSales, Help, and Logout functions are user-friendly. The new General Workspace Controls feature a new look and feel but is simple to use. The new Tab Controls enable easier navigation while Show/Hide tabs let users to change and arrange the order and visibility of tabs besides setting the default order.

In related company news, Landslide Technologies, Inc. announced in early 2010 that Rick Faulk will be President and CEO of the company, according to a unified communications news release.

Shamila Janakiraman is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Shamila’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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