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Neustar Text Everywhere Optimizes Communication between Network-Connected Devices

October 04, 2011

Neustar announced the debut of its new Text Everywhere service that allows communication service providers to offer text messaging services, using SMS or short messaging service, on network-connected devices.

In a release Steve Edwards, senior vice president of Carrier Services at Neustar said, “The rapid adoption of tablet and other network-connected technology is changing how consumers and businesses connect in their daily lives. Neustar’s Text Everywhere provides operators with a simple, secure, and scalable solution to meet the demands of their customers.”

“What we are announcing today only scratches the surface of what will be possible with this creative approach to IP-enabled services in the future. We look forward to collaborating with our customers to expand digital communications,” Edwards added.

According to company sources the Text Everywhere service has been designed to deliver all the benefits of text messaging which does not curtail subscriber choice. This service is expected to help consumers and businesses to send and receive text messages from network-connected devices like televisions, IP desk phones, tablets, netbooks and so on.

Text Everywhere will enable consumers to collaborate in the workplace optimally as the IP-based service eliminates service limitations from the phone number. It also gives new revenue generating opportunities for operators.

The service features seamless integration for operators without the need for special equipment. The service is supported by existing voice service activation and management services, said officials.

The SMS auditing for business feature offers a reporting functionality on SMS usage by employees for IT and compliance departments. Also the parental controls provides the ability to create settings that limit SMS capabilities for certain fixed times or certain numbers.

The IP-enabled services offered by Neustar include new applications and services that operators can offer to their consumers and business subscribers. Text Everywhere will be followed by more new rich online services encompassing emergency applications and connected home functionality from the company, added officials.      

Brian Partridge, vice president of the Yankee Group stated, “Text messaging remains among the most popular way for people to stay connected. Technology solutions that bridge the technological underpinnings of SMS text messaging with the growing popularity of IP-enabled devices bring a wide variety of potential use cases. This new approach to text messaging proposed by Neustar extends the possibilities for greater innovation in the telecommunications industry.”

In other news, Dave Cumberland, VP of Engineering for Shopatron, said that as a provider of integrated ecommerce solutions, it is conducting rigorous load testing with BrowserMob from Neustar to avoid holiday shopping bottlenecks.

Shamila Janakiraman is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Shamila’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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