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Redshift Networks Solutions Focus on Threat Management for Unified Communications

September 22, 2011

The increasing number of communications and collaboration networks that fall under the umbrella of "unified communications" has created a variety of security challenges. As part of the On the Road series in San Jose, Ca., TMC CEO Rich Tehrani spoke with Redshift Networks about identifying threats and securing those networks.

Srinivas Mantripragada, CTO and VP of products at Redshift, recently wrote a blog about the News of the World phone hacking scandal. "It's very scary and it just shows how easy it is to hack voicemail," he said of the entire incident.

According to Mantripragada, as VoIP and unified communications become mainstream, it becomes easier for predators to script scenarios in which they may quickly scan a network, figure out user names and extensions, find default passwords and then carefully craft packets in which to steal voice messages. He added that this is where the challenge comes in as voice and data converge and companies seek to keep a variety of information safe.

"UC is this common umbrella term that touches mighty mortal means of communication - whether it's IM, chat, voice or video," said Mantripragada. "There's a lot of different ways of how people are communicating or collaborating. Any one weakest link can become the point of exposure of information."

He added that holistic characterization of problem sets becomes very important. Redshift has seen a great uptake in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking over the last six to nine months. As this type of VoIP trunking becomes mainstream and enterprises use it to connect their internal networks to the core, it presents a variety of different threats to those networks.

"We are predominantly focused on providing completely app aware visibility, control and protection for these networks," said Mantripragada of Redshift's plans. He added that the company uses core technology components to understand deep level application state conditions as well as user behavior and interactions. This enables them to better identify and head off threats.

Redshift offers a complete class of communications and collaborations security protection with offerings for IP conferencing, collaboration, presence, contact center, call center, unified messaging and IP PBX applications. The company's Unified Communications Threat Management (UCTM) offering protects both cloud and enterprise environments and can detect attacks before they occur.

Redshift UCTM solutions offer a number of benefits, including: protection for IP PBX and other UC servers; complete visibility and control of all communications traffic; protection against voice and video denial of service attacks; protection against UC and C network scanning and endpoint discovery; ensured safety and RFC compliance for SIP/H.323/SCCP protocol implementation and tracking and detection of misbehaved endpoints.

Additional features include: enforcement of proper authentication and authorization policies; hiding of internal UC & C network topology; enforced encryption; protection against voice and video SPAM; protection against fuzzing and anomaly based attacks; protection against war-dialing attacks; prevention of illegitimate signal interception, tampering or eavesdropping; toll fraud; protection against UC & C application threats and protection against data threats and software vulnerabilities.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca

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