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WSO2, DataStax Form Partnership

September 16, 2011

WSO2, an enterprise middleware company, recently announced that it has partnered with DataStax, the commercial leader in Apache Cassandra and Hadoop, to enable enterprise-class data management in the cloud through Apache Cassandra and WSO2 Data as a Service.

Both companies will conduct joint education and evangelism campaigns around using Apache Cassandra in order to develop and deploy applications in private, public and hybrid clouds. Moreover, the companies will also promote their technologies, world-class support services and open source licensing which can help organizations achieve high availability, high performance, and flexibility required by dynamic cloud computing environments.

"With its proven ability to manage large volumes of data, Apache Cassandra is quickly gaining recognition among enterprises as the cloud database management system of choice," said Billy Bosworth, CEO and co-founder, DataStax, in a press release. "We are excited to partner with WSO2, which complements our solutions by enabling the tight integration of Apache Cassandra with its comprehensive WSO2 Stratos and WSO2 StratosLive middleware solutions for developing and integrating cloud applications."

"The enterprises extending their SOAs and composite applications to the cloud are recognizing new levels of agility and efficiency, but they are also placing new demands on data management," said Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, WSO2 founder and CEO. "We are thrilled to partner with DataStax, the primary provider of commercial Apache Cassandra. With its advanced monitoring and management tools, DataStax empowers developers to implement robust NoSQL data-as-a-service within our WSO2 Stratos and WSO2 StratosLive cloud middleware solutions."

In related news, WSO2 announced that Odel, a Sri Lankan department store chain, has deployed a mobile point of sale (POS) solution enabled by the WSO2 Mobile Services Gateway solution. Developed by the WSO2 professional services team, the initial mobile POS solution was completed in five weeks. The company noted customers can walk up to any Odel salesperson with the WSO2-based mobile POS solution running on an Apple iPod Touch to pay by for their purchases by credit card.

Rahul Arora is a unified communications contributor. He has worked as an editor and freelance writer for several reputed organizations in India. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

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