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Unified Communications Leader Zultys Staying on Top

August 02, 2011

You could argue that Zultys, a leading provider of unified communications systems, rolled the dice when it decided to make its system SIP-based when the company was started in 2001. But, according to officials, the company knew exactly what it was doing.

“A lot of people didn’t know what SIP stood for back then,” Neil Lichtman, CEO of Zultys, told unified communications. “Some say our engineers were either brilliant or lucky, but we say they were both.”

And, with a little bit of luck and a lot of brains, Zultys was quickly able to emerge as a leading edge provider of unified communication solutions, powered through a pure SIP-based system.

Today, the company serves as an all-in-one IP PBX phone system, offering all the capabilities of voice, mobility, data, IVR and contact through one unified platform. Its award-winning platform allows businesses to easily deploy a complete voice and unified communications solutions at a fraction of the cost. Zultys connects all of your offices and teams together into a seamless network, so whether you have one office or multiple locations your employees can work together as a single integrated team to boost productivity and the quality of service provided to your customers, according to company officials.

Zultys has found a place in some of the smallest of the “mom and pop” companies to some of the biggest international companies and organizations.

Most recently, the company helped Illinois-based Martin Engineering, who was looking for a replacement solution for its ShoreTel communications product; easy scalability and reduced operating costs; more unified communications features and services; and great remote and mobile worker support across a global operations base. Zultys was able to integrate its unified communications solution and Martin Engineering quickly enjoyed immediate ROI through easy migration to SIP trunking and a 50 percent cost reduction in system maintenance and operating costs, among other things.

“Our core customer that is attracted to us tends to be someone who has a greater need,” Steve Francis, chief sales and marketing officer for Zultys, told unified communications. “They are looking for productivity improvements, cost saving devices.”

“We expect the user to win, we expect the channel to win and we expect us to win and any time we have a failure in one of those the stool falls over,” he added.

Zultys desire to help all of its customers is the reason the company is showing no sign of slowing down. Last year the unified communications leader added 113 new partners and expanded to South America, China and the UK. This year, Zultys is looking to broaden itself in Europe.

When asked how Zultys distinguishes itself in the market, Francis said it has to do with the selling proposition.

“We have an all-in-one box approach,” Francis said. “There is not one instance where we add a server to any configuration that we do. We don’t need anything to integrate with SIP trunking or anything on the end point side. Whatever we do is done within the box.”

“The architecture of the system generates a high level of reliability,” he added.

Moreover, Zultys sets itself apart from its competitors because of its strong partnerships.

“We have a mutual love affair with our channel,” Lichtman said. “Without a great channel you don’t succeed and our channel is extremely loyal to us and we believe we have been extremely loyal to them; it’s a true partnership.”

Carrie Schmelkin is a Web Editor for unified communications. Previously, she worked as Assistant Editor at the New Canaan Advertiser, a 102-year-old weekly newspaper, covering news and enhancing the publication's social media initiatives. Carrie holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and a bachelor's degree in English from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Juliana Kenny

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