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C2Call Unveils Browser-Based Video Calling Solution Powered by Java

July 08, 2011

In 2008, C2Call GmbH, a provider of Java-based VoIP phone via the browser, was the first company to utilize the modern operating systems' Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to offer FriendCaller.com's free Web phone calls.

Again, C2Call has become the first company to utilize Java to introduce a new browser-based hassle-free video calling feature. The new browser-based VoIP Java solution supports free and clear live video chats with anyone, anytime, or anywhere.

According to a press release C2Call introduced the complete browser-based echo-free video calling solution via the FriendCaller Web phone.

The FriendCaller provides a free Web browser-based Internet phone solution that facilitates anyone to make a call by clicking a unique URL link, which can be placed in an e-mail, IM, website, blog, Twitter post, Facebook update, or any other social network site.

With the help of FriendCaller's unique ‘CallMe-Link’ technology, a caller can click on the link instantly to connect to the recipient via the browser, without any download or registration process.

According to C2Call, the FriendCaller CallMe-Link technology allows users to connect with friends via free, PC-to-PC calls, even if they have not yet registered with FriendCaller.

In brief, C2Call’s phone solution is a Java widget that is loaded from the C2Call Web page temporarily into the user’s browser, each time a user uses C2Call.

Generally, most browser-based video chat services use Flash enablement to make calls. However, FriendCaller VoIP service utilizes Java for browser call capabilities.

Currently, the ?C2Call’s Video calling feature is available via FriendCaller's WebPhone and Facebook app. The company will announce Video calling feature for FriendCaller's Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad this month, and for Android devices during Q3'11.

Martin Feuerhahn, CEO of FriendCaller developer, C2Call GmbH, said in a statement, "Today's announcement from Facebook is a significant endorsement of Java for large scale video calling and VoIP services, and until today we were pretty much alone in using Java for VoIP."

Feuerhahn added, "FriendCaller's video calling feature supports an exceptional VoIP calling experience for users of our browser-based WebPhone, enabling them to chat with their FriendCaller contacts, or make free browser-based online video calls to friends who have not yet registered with FriendCaller, using their unique CallMe-Link, all without installing software or plug-ins."

According to C2Call, it has generated more than $2 million in revenues since April 2010 and has more than 900,000 users, with an additional 15,000 new users a day.

According to sources, C2Call’s latest announcement coincides with Facebook's announcement wherein Facebook will partner with Skype to offer video calls. However, Facebook's solution requires an alternative installation flow of various Java plug-ins and exe files for each OS and browser combination, unlike C2Call’s video calling solution.

Jayashree Adkoli is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Jayashree's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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