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Zodiac Interactive Demos Social Media, Messaging Solution Suites of PowerUp AMS Platform

June 22, 2011

Zodiac Interactive has recently demonstrated its Social Media and Messaging Solution Suites of its PowerUp AMS Platform

Providing a non-intrusive cloud-based software server infrastructure, PowerUp AMS enables service providers to unify Web, mobile and set-top box device technologies with enterprise and third-party services, and also Web based applications.

The AMS cloud based server farm offers an extendable and re-usable back-end foundation, which is capable of supporting numerous AMS Solution Suites and Utility Modules, said company officials.

“The capabilities and economies of scale delivered by PowerUp AMS have, to-date, resulted in platform licenses for carrier wide usage by two North American MSOs, which are deploying four Utility Modules and two solution suites,” said Brandon Brown, CEO at Zodiac Interactive.

In addition, Zodiac also now provides the opportunity for service providers to utilize all the advantages of HTML5 and OpenGL on tru2way and IPTV, Brown said.

The solutions demonstrated were PowerUp AMS Social Media Application; PowerUp AMS Messaging Application; PowerUp OpenGL Module for tru2way; and PowerUp HTML5 Solution for tru2way

An interactive application, PowerUp AMS Social Media Application offers community experience based on user interests. Company officials said that it combines the power of TV with that of social media.

Giving an example, company officials said that a TV viewer watching a program will receive a prompt to let them know there is an opportunity to join Facebook or Twitter users watching the same program. Or, they can also interact by receiving and sending messages within the community at the touch of a button.

With PowerUp AMS Messaging Application, users can send, receive and manage email, calendar, tweets, pictures and SMS communications through any device, including the set top. Through a set top device, this application enables all of these communications in real time, said company officials.

Company officials said that the PowerUp OpenGL module provides a presentation engine that leverages and realizes the capabilities offered from next generation hardware chip sets currently being deployed in tru2way set-top-boxes.

In addition to Web browser presentation engine, a services layer is also delivered by

PowerUp HTML5 Solution for tru2way. Company officials said that this provides a rich authoring environment with full browser control of all systems and subsystems for both tru2way and IPTV infrastructures.

Last month, the company partnered with Videotron to introduce an interactive multi-platform games portfolio.

Anshu Shrivastava is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Anshu’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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