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Sonexis Technology, Inc. Now an Alliance Member in ShoreTel Innovation Network

June 20, 2011

Sonexis Technology, Inc. is one of the leading providers of on-premise audio and Web conferencing platforms for the enterprise. The company has been selected by ShoreTel, Inc to be an Alliance member in the ShoreTel Innovation Network. ShoreTel, Inc. is one of the leading providers of Unified Communication (UC) solutions.

Sonexis is happy to be an Alliance member in the ShoreTel Innovation Network and is proud to continue its relationship with ShoreTel, officials said. In a release, Dan Watkins, executive vice president of Sonexis said that "Sonexis is committed to providing a comprehensive and complementary collaboration solution to ShoreTel customers and partners. ConferenceManager offers a robust and secure collaboration solution that can be seamlessly deployed to ShoreTel customers that require an expanded collaboration solution, while preserving prior investments. As an Alliance member in the Innovation Network, Sonexis can provide ShoreTel customers another option for enhanced audio and Web collaboration."

Sonexis ConferenceManager offers a high quality, feature-rich collaboration solution for enterprise customers who are looking to deploy a secure, cost-effective alternative to 'pay per minute' audio and Web conferencing. All Sonexis customers experience cost savings and also greatly benefit from enhanced security, functionality, and reporting features that are present in the platform.

Kevin Gavin, chief marketing officer at ShoreTel said that "We're pleased to have Sonexis and their ConferenceManager solution within the Innovation Network, complimenting ShoreTel's rich Unified Communications offerings. Sonexis has been a valuable technology partner since 2008 and we look forward to building upon existing success as part of our ongoing commitment to standards-based technologies and open-architected systems that give customers flexibility to implement solutions ideally situated for specific business needs."

Calvin Azuri is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Calvin’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

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