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Empirix Introduces New UC Assurance Solution

May 19, 2011

Empirix Inc., provider of service quality assurance solutions for end-to-end comprehensive customer experience management of mobile broadband and IP-based communications systems, has announced availability of a new UC Assurance solution. Leveraging the new solution, users will benefit from optimized network performance in addition to a consistent, high-quality UC experience.

The new UC Assurance solution, which is a part of the corporation’s recently launched Unified Communications (UC) Assurance Platform, has been enhanced with Session Border Controller (SBC) testing service and OneSight VQInspector 2.0.

Empirix’s UC Assurance Platform is an end-to-end testing and monitoring platform for multi-channel systems. The platform has been developed to enable network operators and enterprises to test their voice and video applications before they are deployed. The platform also provides a consistent standard of quality as these applications improve over time. The SBC testing service ensures that the organization’s SBCs are positioned throughout the network. The OneSight VQInspector 2.0 provides passive voice quality monitoring and can help enhance Empirix’s existing probe solutions.

In a release, Blair Pleasant, Unified Communications Industry Analyst and Co-Founder of UCStrategies, said that “The user experience, and the quality of that experience, is one of the leading reasons customers prefer one company over another. As voice, data and video converge on today’s networks, ensuring a high-quality experience every time is essential, and can only be done with accurate testing and monitoring. With the ability to provide reporting and monitoring capabilities from end-to-end, Empirix has proven that they are a leader in UC network quality assurance.”

Empirix’s SBC testing service improves the Company’s end-to-end system for assuring services on complex communication networks and also helps to deliver multi-service testing, accounting for the movement of voice and video to a data infrastructure. The SBC testing service empowers organizations with the ability to report and measure actual voice and video quality.

OneSight VQInspector 2.0 which is a device probe, can help users utilize both active and passive methods to monitor and manage voice and video quality and has been designed to alert network managers about potential issues and problems. Users can also benefit from reduced mean time to repair (MTTR), consolidation of UC solutions and specialized dashboards and reporting.

Tim Moynihan, vice president of marketing, Empirix explained that “With this solution, Empirix underscores its commitment to helping enterprises and service providers ensure their UC deployments. Session Border Controllers play a critical role in enabling and protecting UC services; they provide the means to ensure the UC quality of experience can be guaranteed. In addition, voice still plays a vital role in UC deployments, meaning that the ability to continuously monitor voice quality is essential to delivering an overall high-quality UC experience.”

Enterprise and service provider customers are offered the UC Assurance solutions either through “on-premise” equipment, or they have the option of using Empirix’s cloud-based infrastructure in a Managed Service position.

Calvin Azuri is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Calvin’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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