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WORKetc Gmail Gadget Allows Small Businesses To Function Inside Google Apps

April 26, 2011

WORKetc is a well known web-based business management platform with integrated CRM, Project Management and Billing. The platform is currently used by more than 500 small businesses and is available in five languages. The company recently announced that its special CRM, Project Management and Billing SaaS platform has been added to the Google Apps Marketplace, which is the online storefront for Google Apps products and services.

In a release, Daniel Barnett, WORKetc founder, said that “By integrating WORKetc tools directly inside of Google Apps email accounts; we have made it even easier for our customers to manage their business and teams. This seamless integration means that with just a few clicks, any email can be used to create new sales leads, update a project, record a timesheet charge or launch a new support case. Google Apps users can literally run their entire business from within their email.”

WORKetc provides a tight integration into email via a Google Apps Gadget which allows its users to easily convert any email into a sales lead. Users will also be able to update a project, create a new billing charge or action one of many other business activities. In the past, small businesses were forced to rely on separate systems to manage CRM, sales, projects, billing and other business functions. WORKetc eliminates these problems by integrating core business functions into a single platform. The company’s Gmail Gadget is the first step of deep Google Apps integration, which makes WORKetc the only truly integrated platform that is able to successfully run an entire small business from within Google Apps.

Scott McMullan, Google Apps Partner Lead for Google Enterprise, said that “We are very excited to have WORKetc in the Google Apps Marketplace. Through the Google Apps Marketplace, software vendors like WORKetc are helping us build a rich ecosystem of integrated apps that work seamlessly with Google Apps, allowing IT administrators to leverage the benefits of cloud computing and extend Google Apps to meet more of their business needs. We are happy to offer WORKetc to the millions of Google Apps users who have embraced the cloud."

Carolyn John is a Contributor to unified communications. To read more of her articles, please columnist page.

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