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Tout Enables Sharing of Real-Time Short Video Updates

April 15, 2011

San Francisco based social communications network and a technology spin-out of Stanford Research Institute, Tout announced that it now allows its users to share real-time video messages.

Tout enables people to instantly update Facebook friends and Twitter followers with short video Status Updates captured via your smartphone. Each Tout will now be a short smartphone video of 15 seconds or less which provides a streamlined way to connect, communicate, update status and engage with friends and followers.

“Some moments in life just can't be reflected in text. Tout delivers “life as it happens” in full-motion color and sound, as opposed to 'life as it's written in 140 characters or less,” Michael Downing, founder and chief executive officer at Tout said in a press release.

“Not everybody has witty and well-crafted writing skills to express themselves in blogs or Tweets, but we all have unique visual perspective and, these perspectives will be the basis of a new form of conversation and storytelling moving forward,” Downing added.

As stated, the Tout application is now available for free download at the iPhone App store, and once downloaded enables users to point, shoot and share short, real-time “video status updates” with friends. 

Tout's investors include Horizons Ventures, the investment arm of Hong Kong-based billionaire Li Ka-Shing. With this announcement, at the Tout website, users can follow family, friends or people with shared interests and get real-time updates as they “Tout” moments from their lives.

The company claims that Tout experience draws on the emerging consumer behavioral movement called visual conversation, a distinctly more human, natural way to socially connect online. Visual conversation draws from the converging trends of the ubiquitous ability to capture media anywhere on the fly with smartphones, blend billions of visual elements already on the web that can be re-mixed/mashed into new messages, and the primal ability to quickly process visual media. The result, as the company believes, is a hyper-expressive ecosystem of high-engagement activity, unencumbered by complex barriers-to-participation.

Tout has been testing the application for the last month with a small group of influential personalities from the technology and entertainment industries. Recently, TMC reported that Spain's Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero made a speech touting his country as a “creative universe” and calling for wider use of the Spanish language in the realm of science and research.

Jai C.S. is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Jai's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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