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Survey: Dimension Data Suggests Greater Integration of Tools into UC

March 31, 2011

Dimension Data , a specialist IT services and solution provider that helps clients plan, build, support and manage their IT infrastructure conducted a broad-scale survey of more than 800 IT leaders across the United States on unified communications (UC) deployments.

The survey results revealed some startling facts about UC deployments. While there was no doubt that investments in UC had increased considerably, the impact of such investments was yet to be realized. The expected increase in productivity and cost-savings had not actually materialized.

Absence of return on investment in UC was attributed to the lack of a carefully planned roadmap and comprehensive user adoption plan. This means that the mere presence of a technology did not automatically ensure its usage. Survey results indicated that while over 71 percent of the companies had video capabilities, only 41 percent made use of the technology.

In a press release, Mitchell Hershkowitz, national practice director of Dimension Data Americas Consulting Service,s said, “Successfully implementing unified communications within an organization requires more than technology. Developing a roadmap and strategic plan is essential to demonstrating how the technology aligns to corporate goals and creating a clear plan and requirements that translate to enabling business groups and end users.”

He further added that by deploying unified communications to more than two million seats had resulted in clients saving time, money and increasing productivity.

Some other findings suggested that there was still a large untapped opportunity for UC.

While 72 percent of respondents indicated that they used IM tools regularly, almost 34 percent revealed the non-integration of IM with other communications systems. This indicated a gap between UC and company tools.

Although 80 percent of organizations had employees that worked remotely, 74 percent of video was room-based, indicating that the distributed workforce that needed the collaboration tools the most didn't have access to important UC tools.

Despite the fact that almost 70 percent of organizations had video conferencing abilities, 70 percent of business leaders still continued to travel at least twice a month and 25 percent traveled at least three to five times per week signifying that organizations refrained from using the video technology that they had. Even a mere 10 percent reduction in travel can have a great impact for these organizations.

By deploying AMP internally, Dimension Data rapidly and dramatically improved employee communication and collaboration, realizing 95 percent user adoption rate in just two months, 50 percent reduction in travel costs and savings of $20,000 per executive meeting.

Mini Swamy is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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