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Zultys Unveils MX Release 6.0 UC Solution

March 29, 2011

Unified communications outfit Zultys has released version 6.0 of its MX software.

MX 6.0 supports integrated point-to-point HD video. With one click users can move between IM, voice and video communications. The new release also delivers video to the desktop. It includes a Salesforce.com Integration Module as well as a higher level of integration with Microsoft Outlook, which now moves call control into the Outlook screen. And it is integrated with both BlackBerry and the iPhone, requiring only the download of an application.

Enhanced contact center support is also evident in the MX 6.0. Zultys came out with MX Report toward the middle of last year. That allows the end user to customize call detail record information. Now, with MX 6.0, call center managers can create statistical reports via a simple drag and drop effort.

“That’s one of the big pushes this year” to differentiate the Zultys product, Chairman and CEO Neil Lichtman recently told unified communications’s sister publication Unified Communications magazine, whose April cover story will profile Zultsys.

As the story notes, Zultys is staging a comeback under relatively new ownership and management, which reports that between 2009 and 2010 it was able to double sales and establish more than 100 channel partnerships in North America alone.

“So we’ve been having great success,” says Lichtman.

Lichtman, a 27-year veteran of the phone system and UC business, joined Zultys in November of 2009. Then, last year, Lichtman brought his long-time co-worker Steven Francis, who now serves as chief sales and marketing officer at Zultys, aboard.

The two men are now working to bring Zultys – which the company’s spokeswoman says has for years been “fairly stealth” – out of the shadows and on to center stage in the UC arena.

Zultys is a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company that sells an appliance delivering IP PBX, UC and call center functionality. The company has offices in Australia, Brazil, China and Russia. A privately-held firm, it won’t disclose financial details, but Lichtman says Zultys probably has one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry and has an eight-digit credit line available if needed. Currently, the company is reinvesting all of its cash into new development efforts.

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