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Unified Communications: NewBay Launches New Version of LifeCache Notifier

March 23, 2011

Offering the ability to support billions of daily notifications across the entire user network, NewBay has unveiled the latest release of LifeCache Notifier.

LifeCache Notifier creates a real-time connection between LifeCache powered services and the user and sends alerts on new messages, e-mail, IM, voicemail and social networking activity. Notifications are delivered through the most appropriate channel based on user presence: Web, WAP, mobile Internet, handset client, desktop or TV.

By sending media-rich alerts on a wide range of activity, such as new messages, emails, instant messages, voicemails, social networking updates, coupons and advertising offers, LifeCache Notifier creates a real-time connection between NewBay’s customers and their end users. LifeCache Notifier comes equipped with features such as presence and location servers work with user-defined preferences to determine the best device and channel to route notifications to users.

“The multi-screen experience, which now includes tablets and other non-phone devices, is pushing operators, device makers and developers to expand their notification offerings beyond SMS as the basic mechanism,” said Jerome O’Flaherty, senior product manager at NewBay. “In order to maintain control over the end-to-end delivery of notifications and to derive new revenue, they need to implement solutions independent of OS providers like Google, Apple and Microsoft,”

LifeCache Notifier provides features such as the ability to deliver messages even if users are temporarily disconnected. It also provides IP-based delivery of rich metadata to mobile apps, and next-generation, mobile-optimized, secure and open protocol. To determine the best device and channel to route notifications to users, presence and location servers work with user-defined preferences, the company has stated.

Recently, the company launched LifeCache Digital Vault 2.4, which offers music, photo and video cloud services for operators and device makers. The latest version of LifeCache Digital Vault offers music and media features to the cloud and the device. With Digital Vault, users will not face restrictions by proprietary music clients like iTunes to listen to their music collections. Users can now copy their online purchases and CD collections to the cloud.

Raju Shanbhag is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Raju’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Tammy Wolf

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