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Act-On Launches Integrated Marketing Platform

March 02, 2011

Act-On has launched a cloud-based integrated marketing platform that lets any marketer, whether an individual is a part of a marketing group or a “one-person band,” execute and manage campaigns quickly and more effectively for increased revenue and response rates.

The platform is a combination of simplicity and easy usage of e-mail marketing systems with various automated marketing tools. It does not take much time to implement these either. You can avail these on monthly contracts starting at $500 – a per-user price lower than the monthly data plan for a smartphone. Act-On currently has over 200 active customers across all industries and manages over 25 million contacts.

 “Act-On has allowed us to quickly get up and running with sophisticated marketing functionality,” says Jack McKee, vice president of Sales & Marketing with Ace Metrix, a nationally recognized analytics firm specializing in measuring Television Advertising effectiveness, in a press release. “Within days we were generating targeted mailings, monitoring responses, building targeted landing pages, and implementing lead nurturing, all with a staff of one.

Some features of the Integrated Marketing Program are:

Rich e-mail creation tools and familiar editing concepts

Easiest interface and Act-On’s source tracking URLs

Social Media/Twitter prospector

Salesforce.com integration

Real-time reporting

Quick webinar Management

 “To be successful today, marketers need to re-orient their fundamental approach from simply generating volumes of leads to actively teaming with sales to drive revenue,” reports Raghu Raghavan, founder and CEO of Act-On. “Act-On’s combination of simplicity and power provides that missing link in the market between disparate point solutions such as e-mail and Web analytics platforms, and overly complex overhead bearing marketing automation platforms. Act-On’s rapidly growing customer base has benefited from high performing integrated marketing campaign automation and reporting without having to significantly re-engineer their processes, dedicate resources to systems management, or rely on IT and other external service providers to achieve their desired results.”

Act-On also announced that it has closed $4 million in Series B funding to accelerate the company’s expansion, and hired Paul Nadeau as its new chief financial officer and David Appelbaum as its chief marketing officer. The investment was led by Voyager and US Venture Partners.

Rahul Arora is a unified communications contributor. He has worked as an editor and freelance writer for several reputed organizations in India. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Tammy Wolf

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