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Mitel Launches Virtualized Datacenter Accreditation Program

February 07, 2011

Mitel, a provider of business communications and collaboration software and services, launched a Virtualized Datacenter Accreditation program for datacenters.

Companies are now opting to virtualize their voice communications and install alternatives to traditional premise based deployments. In this scenario, hosted solutions providers can benefit greatly if they could only prove to potential customers that the solutions they offer are the best in class. The new Virtualized Datacenter Accreditation program will validate credentials of providers and Mitel’s partners that offer virtual Data Center services.

Artisan Infrastructure, Host.net, and Hosting.com are some of the companies that Mitel has certified under the program so far. The company claimed that the new program is designed to ensure that any Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Mitel authorizedPARTNERS are able to leverage cloud-based infrastructure to provide world-class managed UC solutions.

Officials with the company asserted that Managed Service Providers in North America are interested in augmenting their service portfolio with unified communications services. However, in today's competitive environment, one cannot rush to market with a user experience that might be less than optimal. Quite literally, a great user experience is the powerful competitive differentiator in the market today. With the new program, Mitel is providing a program designed to ensure its solutions are optimized with the provider's cloud-based infrastructure.

Mitel has put in place stringent procedures and requirements that IaaS and PaaS providers have to satisfy in order to be certified under the Virtualized Datacenter Accreditation program. Providers also have to demonstrate technical competencies that support business continuity, high availability, disaster recovery, and redundancy which are all imperative factors in enterprise grade physical and virtual facilities.

"Our MSP customers have long wanted to offer hosted UC services, as they are keenly aware of the demand for these services among their SMB customer base," said Brian Hierholzer, president and CEO of Artisan Infrastructure, based in Austin, Texas. "By working with Mitel and its accreditation program, Artisan Infrastructure is providing a voice optimized network infrastructure to better serve our joint MSP customers and enable them to compete and succeed."

Nathesh is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of Nathesh's articles, please visit his columnist page.

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