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Broadvox Extends Partnership with Covad Wholesale to Integrate IP Backhaul Aggregation

December 02, 2010

The partnership between Covad Wholesale, a national provider of IP broadband services, and Broadvox, a provider of hosted unified communications services, has been extended, the companies report. As a result, both companies expect to gain greater value from their relationship that began in 2007.

Under this new agreement, Broadvox will leverage Covad’s IP Backhaul Aggregation Service and Ethernet access services in an effort to deliver, prioritize and segment voice traffic. This move is aimed at meeting the demands of Broadvox’s customer base of professional services and healthcare-related business customers.

"We've partnered with Covad Wholesale since 2007, which has enabled us to offer our customers quality products that help them attain their business goals," said David Byrd, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Broadvox, in a statement.

"By interconnecting through Covad's IP Backhaul Aggregation service, we can now offer our customers the highest class of service that results in increased voice clarity at a competitive price point, which is a defining factor in any voice solution's success."

Covad’s wholesale partners are provided with the company’s Wholesale IP Backhaul Aggregation Service to gain access to a high-speed connection to Covad’s nationwide private IP network.

With this partnership, Broadvox can bypass the public Internet to be in a position to better manage the customer experience and provide customers with the control to deliver the highest quality network in support of real-time voice applications with the added benefit of security.

This service is ideal for the growing business as it is scalable and will allow for network expansion as demands increase. Upgrade options are available to move a client company from 100Mbps to 1 Gbps in 100-Mbps increments.

Along with this aggregation service, Broadvox is also integrating Covad’s Ethernet services for nationwide reach of their voice and data solutions in a manner that is considered to be cost-effective.

By leveraging Covad Wholesale's QoS/ CoS capabilities, Broadvox can ensure advanced management of voice and data traffic through prioritization. This leads to a better overall quality of expereice for the client base, which helps to build long-term revenue opportunities and customer loyalty.

"At Covad Wholesale, we're focused on providing our partners with cost-effective, high-quality products and services to enable market-leading solutions," said David Williams, Vice President, Marketing, Covad Wholesale.

"By tightening our relationship through an interconnection and fast growing Ethernet access services, Broadvox can continue to evolve their solutions by providing their customers with a way to improve operational efficiencies and remain competitive without sacrificing on performance and quality end-to-end."

Broadvox made big news last week when it announced that it had inked a deal to acquire hosted unified communications provider Cypress Communications.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for unified communications and has also written for eastbiz.com. To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Patrick Barnard

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