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General Availability of C3 Integrator - Citrix Edition for Citrix XenApp

October 14, 2010

Avistar Communications Corporation announces general availability of Avistar C3 Integrator - Citrix Edition for Citrix XenApp. The edition offers users on PCs, laptops and thin terminals HD-quality desktop video conferencing without overburdening the VDI environment. 

The company launched the Avistar C3 Integrator- Citrix Edition for Citrix XenDesktop(R) in April, and with the news, the Avistar C3 Integrator - Citrix Edition now provides support for Citrix XenApp(TM) as well. The Avistar C3 Integrator - Citrix Edition was expected to be displayed at Citrix Synergy 2010 Berlin on Oct. 6 to Oct. 8.

The edition facilitates large-scale and fully managed deployments of voice and video calling. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with unified communications solutions such as Microsoft Office Communicator using the Avistar C3 Unified - Microsoft OCS Edition in addition to other Avistar endpoints such as the Avistar C3 Communicator solution.

In a press release, Stephen Epstein, chief marketing officer of Avistar, said, "Avistar is setting the industry standard for desktop video conferencing within the VDI environment. As Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop become key components within corporate information technology infrastructures, many organizations demand business-grade desktop video conferencing. Avistar has been focused on delivering our business-class desktop video conferencing solutions within the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. This makes us unique in our industry and delivers on a critical visual communications requirement within the VDI."

Derek Thorslund, Citrix product strategist for HDX at Citrix Systems, said, "Avistar is an outstanding complement to Citrix's HDX technologies for high-definition desktop virtualization. By leveraging the Citrix SDK for client-side media processing, Avistar has developed optimizations that enable full Office Communicator voice and video functionality to be delivered to remote workers even over challenging network conditions. The Avistar architecture also maximizes server scalability by leveraging the processing power of the user's Windows device for video stream encoding and decoding."

Recently, Logitech announced at Citrix Synergy in Berlin that it has teamed up with Avistar, Citrix and HP to bring HD video communications to virtual desktops.

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