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ReadyTalk's Facebook Campaign Drawing Attention to Common Conferencing Blunders

September 21, 2010

When it comes to ensuring the success of audio and web conferences of all sizes – from ad hoc meetings to large webinars, the enterprise customers rely on Denver, Colorado based ReadyTalk’s top of the line audio and web conferencing services.

ReadyTalk’s audio and web conferencing solutions are known for their sophistication of technology and ease of use. ReadyTalk stays one step ahead of its competitors by offering the customers a full suite of tools for training, collaboration, webinars and more. When it comes to pointing out some common audio and web conferencing blunders, none other than ReadyTalk can offer a clearer picture about the conferencing blunders, most of which are often avoidable.

From the individual users to even the corporate honchos make blunders at audio or video conference that may range from as innocent as informal IMing to as disastrous as forgetting to mute the phone. As a key player in integrated audio and web conferencing services, ReadyTalk is hosting a contest to find the best blooper. The entire initiative is aimed at raising awareness about the fact that often times these blunders are avoidable.

A leader in the web conferencing field, ReadyTalk is committed to help make the clients’ conferences a success. The recently launched Facebook campaign will bring the common conferencing blunders to light. In addition, a dedicated team comprsing of event experts would guide the clients in avoiding these blunders and make the conference a success.

“We've all been on a call where someone forgets to mute the phone; accidents like this happen, but at ReadyTalk, we're committed to helping avoid these blunders. A customer support team, dedicated account managers and event experts are with you every step of the way to make sure your audio and web conferences are a success,” Teresa Lawlor, director of marketing at ReadyTalk, said.

ReadyTalk found Facebook to be the logical medium for hosting the contest. According to ReadyTalk officials, their company is the only audio and web conferencing provider that enables customers to embed recorded sessions directly into Facebook with a single click. This allows customers to get greater value from their webinars by promoting content via social media.

ReadyTalk's conferencing blunders contest will run through the end of September. The winner will be awarded an $800 voucher for airline tickets.

The interested participants can enter the contest by sharing their blunder on the ReadyTalk Facebook page, http://bit.ly/aVViDn. More information is available at www.readytalk.com/coffee.

Madhubanti Rudra is a contributing editor for unified communications. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Ed Silverstein

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