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Lucid Meetings Offers New Service to Reduce the Risk of Dropped Conference Calls

November 20, 2015

Anyone who has relied on the Internet as a medium for conference calls knows all too well that Murphy’s Law can, and often will, apply. It’s often the case that network outages, hardware failures, software bugs, or some combination of those three factors brings an abrupt end to what was intended to be a lengthy online collaboration effort.

Enter Lucid Meetings. It’s a one-stop solution that enables meeting coordinators to select the best option from a portfolio of audio services. The idea is to opt for the service that offers the most durable connection.

Let’s say that a team needs a large group meeting that includes audio conferencing. The attendees might select Turbobridge – a conference calling service that’s offered at a flat rate. However, if video is required, then the manager can select Skype as the medium of choice. If it’s just a conference between two people, then they might opt for an old-fashioned phone call.

Here’s the great part: If the chosen service starts to falter because of a technical issue, the facilitator of the meeting can just switch to another service with the click of a button.

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“Everyone knows what it’s like to start a conference call and have connection issues. In the heat of the moment, this can be a source of stress for the group and derail the best laid plans,” says John Keith, CEO of Lucid Meetings. "With the addition of Lucid Integrated Audio, facilitators get a one-stop, universal solution for the audio portion of their online meeting that allows them to switch between multiple audio services instantly."

Basically, Lucid Meetings uses Integrated Audio technology to automate the process of creating multiple options for team collaboration. It’s a universal solution that’s offered with the typical features associated with other conferencing options. The service combines a variety of services that include web conferencing and online communication venues to support professional meeting preparation. It’s also designed to facilitate follow-through on action items assigned during meetings.

Team managers that have experienced headaches over lost conference calls because they’ve been boxed into a single solution should look to Lucid Meetings as a way to reduce the risk of interrupted meetings.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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