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July 13, 2010

Quickcomm Support Enhance EMF's Commitment Toward Enterprise customers

By Mini Swamy, TMCnet Contributor

The Enterprise Mobility Foundation is an independent think-tank committed to educating businesses on workforce mobility. The Foundation's mission is to be the global community builder and the leader in showcasing the value of successfully deploying and managing mobility solutions within organizations in the public and private sector.

Quickcomm is the leading provider of telecom expense management and managed mobility solutions for enterprises and multi-national corporations. It has announced its support of the Enterprise Mobility foundation.
With products and services multiplying rapidly, and Smartphones and mobile devices being deployed by almost everyone, it becomes essential to co-ordinate, control and manage effectively.
Quickcomm works with enterprise customers and helps them to manage and control their mobile infrastructures efficiently and also helps them to keep abreast of the latest developments in the enterprise mobility marketplace.
As a global community builder and a forum that helps manage and deploy mobility solutions within organizations in the public and private sector, the EMF's mission to help enterprises is a boon for enterprise customers. 
"The Enterprise Mobility Foundation is very excited that a leading global provider of managed mobility solutions, such as Quickcomm, has joined us in our effort to help educate and further promote the enterprise mobility marketplace,"Philippe Winthrop, Managing Director at The Enterprise Mobility Foundation, said.
Quickcomm works with enterprise customers to help them manage their mobile infrastructure productively, dramatically cutting down costs.
"As enterprises increasingly deploy sophisticated devices and applications wirelessly, the need to have a strategy in place to manage and control the mobile infrastructure becomes paramount," said John Bruce, Chairman and CEO, Quickcomm.
Bruce also added that Quickcomm was excited to support the EMF and its initiatives to educate the marketplace on the value of successfully deploying and managing mobility solutions.
 The EMF is the organization behind The Enterprise Mobility Forum, the fastest growing social network dedicated to enterprise mobility. The Forum provides a central hub where people come together to share their experiences and insights about enterprise mobility by participating in discussions, forums, special interest groups, blogs, and more - all while accessing unbiased and vendor agnostic thought leadership.
Established in Australia in 1997, Quickcomm's technology platform helps customers manage and control their telecom infrastructure, while dramatically reducing costs. Quickcomm is headquartered in New York and has offices in London, Sydney and Singapore.  

Mini Swamy is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Alice Straight

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