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April 19, 2010

Citing e-Commerce Revenues , Coda Calls For Buoyant Mobile Market

By Mini Swamy, TMCnet Contributor

Coda Research Consultancy, led by Steve Smith, employs a variety of rigorous quantitative and qualitative research procedures. It draws upon a range of disciplines, and collaborates with top commercial and academic organizations.

It has studied the opportunity for the mobile market and has said that it has never been so positive about the technology's potential for revenue growth. With the number of mobile Internet users on the rise, and with smartphone ownership also on the increase, the mobile market is rather buoyant.

The firm believes that the expansion of the mobile market, and opportunities for mobile e-Commerce has expanded significantly.

Smith, founder of the Coda Research Consultancy, said that the growth of the mobile market is interlinked to the growth of smartphone ownership and growth of mobile Internet use. He predicted that by 2015, smartphone sales were set to form two thirds of mobile handset sales in the United States and over half of mobile handset owners would use the mobile Internet the same year.

Coda Research has forecast a rising trend in the use of handsets to research products, compare prices and even buy online whilst out shopping. With the advance of technology, this was bound to become more and more sophisticated.

The research indicated that in a few years, the presence of intelligent cameras, barcode scanner,s QR codes and location based applications and services, being used by mobile users for shopping or for information, would see an upward trend. This augured well for the mobile market.

Alongside the purchase of physical goods, Coda notes the importance of virtual goods in mobile gaming and social networks, and of mobile entertainment such as video would only increase and the impact on the mobile e-Commerce revenues would be positive.

'In 2015, U.S. mobile e-Commerce revenues will form 8.5 percent of all U.S. e-Commerce revenues, and 20 percent of global mobile e-Commerce revenues.' said Smith.

However, Smith cautioned that in spite of mobile e-Commerce revenues being on the rise, it will still represent only one half of one percent of all retail revenues in the United States that year.

Coda Research Consultancy specializes in providing critical insight into market developments and behavior around new media, technologies and services in order to help IT and media professionals, business executives, and investors make fact-based decisions around strategy, service provision and product development.

Mini Swamy is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Michael Dinan

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