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April 13, 2010

As Mobile Data Explodes, Operators Must Move Away from 'All You Can Eat' Pricing: Acision CEO

By Erin Harrison, Executive Editor, Strategic Initiatives

It seems these days that data is multiplying faster than we can think or even speak. But are network operators really capitalizing on this explosion of data? Rory Buckley, CEO of Acision, spoke with TMC (News - Alert) CEO Rich Tehrani recently at the CTIA event in Las Vegas last month (see video below).

As Buckley explained, Acision is a world leader in mobile data, and 'the' world data in messaging, serving over 200 operators around the world with messaging and mobile data.

Buckley and Tehrani discussed trends and the future of mobile data and how Acision (News - Alert)plays into those predictions.

'I'm in the industry 35 years and I've seen a huge amount of change. I think over the next 10 years the change that I've seen in the past 35 years will be dwarfed by what's going to happen to mobile data,' said Buckley.

He added that although predictions say that mobile data will explode, those forecasts are relatively modest and Acision is positioned to 'bridge that gap and make mobile data more profitable.'

Operators have sold mobile data as 'all you can eat' fixed price packages, what Buckley termed a 'practically perfect' idea. However, 'now I think the job of the operator is to wean users away from that,' he said.

'With our products we can help them do that, by being able to monitor in real-time what consumers are using, be able to inform them before they run out of their package level and give them the opportunity to  decide from themselves: Do they want to pay more? Do they want to stop using it? ...I think that is fundamentally important, to get people away from all you can eat packages,' Buckley said.

To learn more about Acision and mobile data, check out this video interview from CTIA (News - Alert). CTIA-The Wireless Association is an international nonprofit membership organization that has represented the wireless communications industry since 1984.

Erin Harrison is a senior editor with TMCnet, primarily covering telecom expense management, politics and technology and Web 2.0. She serves as senior editor for TMC's print publications, including 'Internet Telephony', 'Customer Interaction Solutions', 'Unified Communications (News - Alert)' and 'NGN' magazines. Erin also oversees production of TMCnet's weekly iPhone e-Newsletter. To read more of Erin's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Erin Harrison

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