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January 05, 2010

GOGII Debuts textPlus App for Android

By Nathesh, TMCnet Contributor

GOGII, a provider of text messaging platforms, has reportedly brought its textPlus application to the Android (News - Alert) market. Android users will now be able to enjoy free and unlimited messaging and have instant group conversations with their friends on most US carriers’ networks.

According to a press release, textPlus leverages GOGII's next generation text messaging platform to bring free, ad-supported one-to-one and group texting, and enables seamless interaction between textPlus users and their friends using regular text messaging (SMS). It was previously available only on the Apple (News - Alert) App store and is now available on Android phones.

GOGII officials say they were overwhelmed by the consumer response to the textPlus app in the Apple App Store -- thanks to the millions of consumers who've embraced their game-changing features -- from casual texters to the staggering number of consumers who text as their primary mode of communication. The company is pleased to make its innovative app available on Android phones and offer even more text-happy mobile consumers this tricked-out, next generation texting service.

Text messaging has become the communication choice of mobile phone users, making it more common than calling -- and the company aims to deliver more features and functionality to consumers through this ubiquitous platform.

One of the many advantages of textPlus is the group conversation feature, through which users can create a text group and one message sent will be received by everyone in that group. Since it saves the group for future use and allows users to “reply all,” it is said to be a lot more effective than the standard texting platforms.

As Android is a more customizable operating system the process is even smoother. This is one of the many apps that benefits from using background processes because users can be notified as soon they receive a message via textPlus. Android phones are also expected to see a raise in sales in the coming years and it is only advantageous for GOGII to embrace this platform.

GOGII expects the textPlus Android app to be met with the same degree of consumer fervor on the Android Market that it has on the Apple App Store. GOGII claims that to date the textPlus app has already seen almost 3.5 million downloads -- and over 350 million messages have been sent using the service since June. And while only the top 5 percent of applications in the Apple App Store reach 100,000 unique monthly visitors, textPlus exceeded that by over 7 times in its second month of release.

textPlus for Android will be equipped with a brand new “text addresses” feature which let users personalize texting and facilitate conversations, all without requiring a phone number.

Recently, GOGII selected mBlox's (News - Alert) mobile message delivery platform and unveiled 'Personal Communities' on its textPlus app.

Nathesh is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Nathesh's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Patrick Barnard

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