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December 19, 2008

NET Quintum Gateways Target SMB Customers' for IP PBX Telephony Integration

By Tim Gray, TMCnet Web Editor

NET (News - Alert) Quintum has extended the reach of its Response Point VoIP Gateways, making the product now available throughout its North American distribution channels.

The NET Quintum’s gateways, designed to work with any Microsoft (News - Alert) Response Point-based IP telephony system for the small and medium businesses (SMB), a long track record of innovation in the VoIP Gateway market and have worked closely with Microsoft to release two Response Point Gateways that are compatible with all of the IP telephone systems based on Response Point.
Traditionally the SMB market has been underserved in this space, often forgoing features such as SIP trunking, click-to-call functionality for contacts using the Assistant software, Call Detail Records (CDR) and even the ability to select music for parked calls and hold time because of prohibitive costs.
However, NET Quintum is helping deliver the Microsoft Response Point system - which includes the Response Point base unit with IP PBX (News - Alert) software running on Windows XP, SIP phones, management and client software, and a PSTN gateway - as a VoIP phone solution designed for the needs of small and medium businesses (SMB).
"In this challenging economic environment, SMBs are looking for productivity improvements and cost savings,” said Chuck Rutledge (News - Alert), vice president of Marketing for NET. “Our Response Point gateways enable customers to affordably extend the tools they use for voice calls while simplifying their communications, thereby increasing productivity.”
Perhaps particularly enticing for the SMB, is NET Quintum’s (News - Alert) ability to deliver enterprise-grade security and reliability while significantly reducing costs by eliminating the expense of a hosted service.
"In fact, building complete, end-to-end solutions specifically for SMBs, rather than re-purposing large enterprise solutions, is a key differentiator of our Response Point gateway,” said Rutledge. Our goal is to help SMB customers stretch their budget further as they strive to meet their unique business needs."
Rutledge also pointed out that general complexity and costs of deploying robust enterprise VoIP system has in the past steered SMB’s away, even as some converged data/voice networks worked to lessen installation and operation difficulties.
The newly released NET Quintum gateways is taking care of these problems, enabling SMB customers to reduce management costs from system consolidation by eliminating multiple, stand-alone systems.
 For the first time, these systems each come with their own management and service contracts, and a collapsing voice architecture to support both digital and analog trunking. By leveraging ubiquitous network infrastructures, the Response Point gateways allow SMBs to deploy solutions to real-world communications demands, according to the company.

NET Quintum Response Point VoIP Gateways are generally available and supports a T1, E1 or PRI connection with a list price of $1800. The analog gateway supports up to 4 FXS ports and has a list price of $330. Upon installation, the analog gateway is configured completely by the Microsoft Response Point application. The digital T1/E1 gateway offers a customized configuration wizard to step through the additional questions required to complete the set up.

Tim Gray is a Web Editor for TMCnet, covering news in the IP communications, call center and customer relationship management industries. To read more of Tim�s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Tim Gray

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