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November 10, 2008

MS Response Point and Quintum VoIP Products Addressing Big Needs of Small and Medium Size Business

By Tim Gray, TMCnet Web Editor

In an effort to help more small and medium-sized businesses deploy VoIP solutions throughout their networks with the same PBX telephony advantages usually reserved for large enterprises, NET (News - Alert) Quintum developed a VoIP T1/E1/PRI gateway and an FXS gateway that uses the Microsoft Response Point digital phone system software.

Traditionally the SMB market has been underserved in this space, often forgoing features such as SIP trunking, click-to-call functionality for contacts using the Assistant software, Call Detail Records (CDR) and even the ability to select music for parked calls and hold time because of prohibitive costs.
But as technology continues to improve, NET Quintum has taken advantage of its long track record of innovation in the VoIP Gateway (News - Alert) market working with Microsoft to release two Response Point Gateways that are compatible with all of the IP telephone systems based on Response Point.
The Response Point system features voice recognition that responds to voice commands and allows employees to call people within the company without dialing by verbally accessing contacts from Outlook and voicemail, as well as transfer calls. Outside callers can verbally ask for whom they would like to speak and automatically be connected.
Xuedong Huang, general manager of Microsoft Response Point, said the collaboration with Quintum (News - Alert) was a natural one given the two companies experience within this fast growing segment and the increasing demand from SMB’s to be able to deploy sophisticated systems without incurring astronomical costs.
“Small businesses want PBX (News - Alert) functionality without the PBX complication and cost,” said Huang. “Quintum’s Response Point Gateways will allow businesses to easily deploy the Response Point system via a T1, E1 or PRI connection.”
NET Quintum, a wholly owned subsidiary of Network Equipment Technologies, released two Response Point Gateways that are compatible with all of the IP telephone systems based on Response Point in September.

Now, the digital gateway can support a T1, E1 or PRI connection, and the analog gateway will support up to 4 FXS ports.
The NET Quintum Response Point gateways are designed to work with any Response Point based IP telephony system and can be set up in any system in a matter of minutes, according to the company.
Quintum recognized early on that all sizes of companies need to support and maximize the investment in their existing organization infrastructure, particularly in this economy.
These analog gateways was designed for ease of use and the Response Point application configures the gateway for the customers. When installing a T1 or E1 Gateway, the Response Point customized configuration wizard will step you through the process for simple set up.
Brian Nickell, Product Manager of D-Link (News - Alert), said the NET Quintum gateways are a perfect complement to D-Link's VoiceCenter IP Phone System.. “Response Point customers will be pleasantly surprised at the ease with which they can be installed and how quickly their new phone systems will be up and running.”

Tim Gray is a Web Editor for TMCnet, covering news in the IP communications, call center and customer relationship management industries. To read more of Tim�s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Tim Gray

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