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March 26, 2010

Synaptris Unveils FewClix Beta 2

By Raju Shanbhag, TMCnet Contributor

Aiming provide a whole new paradigm for corporate email users, Synaptris, a Lotus Notes information management solutions provider, has introduced FewClix Beta 2, the e-mail productivity “killer app” for Lotus Notes.

With the help of FewClix, users of Lotus Notes can perform many email tasks faster and in a more effective manner. They can now make use of specific functionality in the areas of e-mail prioritization, search, personalization, organization and discovering social network associations based on email communications.

The company claims that this is a considerable improvement on beta 1 as it features the industry’s first solution for email users, specifically Lotus Notes users, to merge e-mails from their primary mail file, archives and offline mail files and work with a single consolidated mailbox. These features are also available with a Consolidated Mailbox, the company stated.

“Almost every FewClix Beta user we interacted with had one ‘top of the wish list’ feature which was for FewClix to provide them the productivity enhancements it delivers for their Mailbox but across their Mail and Archives,” said Madan S. Kumar, CEO of Synaptris (News - Alert). “Enterprise IT teams will be very pleased with FewClix Beta 2 as it delivers a paradigm shift in productivity and time savings for users.”

Consolidated Mailbox helps the Lotus Notes users to eliminate individual archives or mail files when searching for the relevant information they need on a particular topic or task. Irrespective of the time period or the mail file or archive in which the associated e-mails reside, the users can quickly isolate and review all of the relevant e-mails in the Consolidated Mailbox.

In January 2010, the company announced the public Beta availability of FewClix, an e-mail productivity add-on for Lotus Notes that completely changes the corporate email paradigm. FewClix is the first e-mail productivity application that gives email users the ability to quickly prioritize their e-mail, search and instantly find any e-mail and personalize their mailbox and e-mail experience.

Raju Shanbhag is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Raju’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri

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