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February 24, 2010

Bogged Down By Flood of E-Mails: There's a Solution in Lookeen

By Madhubanti Rudra, TMCnet Contributor

With e-mails now an inevitable part of our work culture, a significant time of the day is eaten up by e-mail-related activities. It is not reading or writing e-mails as such, but the retrieval of e-mails that actually takes up the precious time of the busy professionals. DawntoDuskSolutions, a company that has been in the software business since 1990, has a smart solution in form of Lookeen 2010 Professional.

In a time when our mail boxes are flooded with hundreds of e-mails on a regular basis, looking for efficient e-mail management software becomes extremely important. The Lookeen software from DawntoDuskSolutions seeks to achieve just that.
Lookeen is an easy to use software solution designed to help the professionals manage their e-mails more efficiently without messing up with the hundreds of e-mails that keep on cramming their mail boxes on a daily basis. And it is easily available too. The e-mail-wary professionals can download the latest version of software, The Outlook AddIn Lookeen Version directly from www.dawntodusksolutions.com.
With employees spending six to 12 minutes a day on an average, hunting for buried messages in personal folders and server archives, e-mails truly become potent source of pain for the employees as well as for the employers. As said earlier, it is not writing of e-mails as such, but retrieving of e-mails that is causing concerns. With each employee wasting ten minutes on e-mail retrieval, substantial amounts of man-hours are wasted just hunting for misplaced or forgotten e-mails. Basex Institute provides a more concrete estimate; in the United States, nearly 28 billion man hours per year are wasted on searching for e-mails. Expressed in monetary terms, this is equal to nearly $588 billion.
Now this substantial loss of time can be prevented with the help of Lookeen.
Lookeen is designed to significantly reduce searching time for data.
With the comprehensive and result oriented solution of Lookeen it will just take seconds to search through all e-mails, contacts, Outlook tasks, notes and attachments.
This software can also be used as a desktop search.
Lookeen search results window integrates a preview feature that shows Word, PDF, Excel, and even image files besides the e-mails.
You can easily find out what you are looking for as your search words are highlighted in the preview by different colored markers.
Lookeen is capable of searching the content of your Office-documents, PDF´s or web content like HTML - or PHP-pages.
This smart e-mail management solution uses indexed search methodology. This helps it index personal mailboxes as well as external sources like Microsoft (News - Alert) Exchange Server.
Lookeen is going to benefit both big and mid size enterprises. In its latest version Lookeen will enable system administrators to manage information efficiently and to coordinate the data access easily.
This comprehensive software comes for a pocket pinch of $39.80. You can buy it directly from the website of Dawn to Dusk Solutions, or can download a 14-day free trial version at the company’s website for a test run.

Madhubanti Rudra is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Michael Dinan

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